Core Curriculum

Curriculum Breakdown

Year Courses
Freshman (fall) SSI-1 195
The Scientific and Romantic Revolutions
Freshman (spring) SSI-2 196
European Past Lives: A Seminar in Historical Inquiry

Honors 211 (HM)
Literary Odysseys: The Hero's Journey Home
Sophomore (fall) Honors 212 (NS)
The Modern World View
Sophomore (spring) Honors 206 (FN)
The Arts of the Classical World and the Middle Ages
Junior (fall) Honors 214 (SS)
Interrogating Society
Junior (spring) Honors 213 (MA)
A Mathematical Exploration of Symmetry
Senior (fall) Senior Thesis
Senior (spring)

Senior Thesis


Honors 401 (CN)

What is America?


  • You are required to take SSI-1 195, SSI-2 196, Honors 211 during your freshman year.
  • During your sophomore and junior years, three of the following classes are required: Honors 206, 212, 213, and 214. These courses may be taken in any order.
  • Honors 401 is normally taken in the senior year. It may be taken during your junior year only if you have completed all other core courses. 
  • You must write an approved thesis in your senior year in order to receive the Coolidge Otis Chapman Honor Scholar Designation. It is recommended (but not required) that you take an independent study unit for at least one of the semesters in your senior year to work on your thesis.