Degree Requirements

General Requirements for a Minor

General university degree requirements stipulate that 1) three units of the minor be taken in residence at Puget Sound; 2) students earn a GPA of 2.0 in courses taken for the minor; and 3) all courses taken for a minor must be taken for graded credit. Any exceptions to these stipulations are indicated in the minor degree requirements listed below.

Requirements for the Gender Studies Minor

Completion of a minimum of five units. The five-course sequence for minors begins with an introductory course, GNDR 201, in which students explore the history of feminisms and explore theories of gender. Three elective courses follow, which expand students' knowledge of gender in specialized courses. Students integrate their studies in the capstone course, GNDR 494, the Gender Research Seminar, through the definition and implementation of their individual research projects and through discussion of interdisciplinary issues, ideas, and theories in the history and cultures of gender. GNDR 201 and GNDR 494 are required; in addition, students take three other courses in the program, no more than two of which may be taken in one department. Only one course taken for the major may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Gender Studies minor.

Course Offerings with credit for Gender Studies

  • AFAM 210, Black Fictions and Feminism
  • AFAM 355, African-American Women in American History
  • BUS 493, International Management: A Gender-Based Perspective
  • CLSC 225, Gender and Identity in Greece and Rome
  • COMM 422, Advanced Media Studies
  • CONN 332, Witchcraft in Colonial New England
  • CONN 340, Gender and Communication
  • CONN 369, Goddesses and Power
  • ECON 244, Gender and the Economy
  • EDUC 290, Making Men: Schools and Masculinity
  • ENGL 226, Survey of Literature by Women
  • ENGL 360, Major Authors (depending on subject; not all sections are GS approved)
  • ENGL 391, Studies in Lesbian and Gay Literature
  • ENGL 405, Writing and Gender
  • ENGL 446, Studies in 17th and 18th Century American Literature (depending on subject; not all sections are GS approved)
  • ENGL 470, Impolite Subjects: Sex and Gender in Early America
  • ENGL 478, Jane Eyre and Revision
  • ENGL 485, Literature and Gender
  • HIST 305, Women and Gender in Pre-Modern Europe
  • HIST 349, Women of East Asia
  • HIST 392, Men and Women in Colonial Africa
  • HUM 327, Queer Cultures
  • PHIL/PG 390, Gender and Philosophy
  • PSYC 250, Human Sexuality
  • REL 321, Sexuality and Christianity: Then and Now
  • REL 368, Gender Matters
  • SOAN 202, Family in Society: Critical Perspectives
  • SOAN 212, Sociology of Gender
  • SOAN 315, Identity Politics in Latin America
  • SOAN 316, Social and Cultural Change
  • SOAN 318, Gender and Globalization
  • SOAN 390, Men and Masculinities
  • STS 318, Science and Gender

Other courses may be added to this list on a semester-by-semester basis.