Faculty News


Congratulations to John Wesley on being named a Rhodes Trust Inspirational Professor John WesleyEducator by the University of Oxford. Rhodes Scholar Billy Rathje '15 nominated Wesley for the inaugural award which aims to "highlight the incredible teaching which occurs throughout the world." Click here to read the full story.


Julie Christoph at NCPTW Conference in SLCJulie Christoph recently attended the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) in Salt Lake City, at which students presented papers. She’s pictured here with Austin Scharff, Kristen Lane, Kazu Suzuki, Nakisha Renée Jones, and Cara Monaco. She was elected the Executive Vice President of NCPTW (National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing.) Puget Sound will be hosting the conference in 2016. Click here for more info about the conference.


Tiffany MacBain was quoted at length in an NPR article on popular female writers of the 19th century. Click here to read the story.

Mita Mahato was recently featured in The Stranger for her cut-up comics and hMita Mahato at work on her arter work on the board of directors for Short Run, a comix and art festival in Seattle. Click here to read the article.


Southwest Semester 2015Professors Priti Joshi, Peter Wimberger, Elise Richman, and Fred Hamel joined the Southwest Semester program over fall break at Ghost Ranch, near Abiquiu, New Mexico. Along with Professors Barry Goldstein and Dan Sherman, they led students in a weekend of lessons and outdoor experiences related to biodiversity, travel writing, observation and artistic representation, and reflection on the nature of experiential education.

The 2015 Davis Teaching Awards were announced at the annual faculty dinner and Bill Kupinse Professor William Kupinsewas among the five honorees. Created in 2003, the dean's teaching awards were named to honor Thomas A. Davis, who served as dean of the university from 1973 to 1994. Faculty members in the ranks of instructor, assistant professor, and associate professor are eligible for the award. In addition, Bill (pictured above) was included in The Stranger's coverage of the recent protests against Shell Oil at the Port of Seattle. Click here for the full story. Congratulations Bill!

Arches Cover Summer 2015Ann Putnam was recently featured in both The News Tribune and The Gateway on how her writing helped her cope with a string of family deaths. In addition, her piece on Hemingway's home in Cuba The Finca, appeared in the Summer issue of Arches magazine.

Julie Nelson Christoph, English and Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching, wrote an invited post on the Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders blog.

Tiffany MacBain was recently featured on Literally Tacoma, a podcast hosted by William Turbyfill and produced by Creative Colloquy. Each cast looks at an aspect of Tacoma, Washington's literary community. Click here to listen to Tiffany’s episode.

The Prague Review just published a piece by Suzanne Warren. Click here to read the work.Suzanne Warren

Denise Despres presented research on medieval material culture and religion at the Medieval Institute, University of Notre Dame, in May 2014 and at the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder in October 2014. She published essays and book reviews on late-medieval material culture and religion in a variety of books and journals, including Mapping Medieval Lives of Christ (Brepols), Blackwell Companion to British Literature, Oxford Chaucer Handbook, Journal of English and Germanic Philology, and Speculum.  Denise is currently writing three essays on medieval constructions of embodiment for interdisciplinary volumes.