Scholarship Winners

Addi Mercer

I am a Communications major and Spanish minor from Portland, Oregon. I knew very quickly after arriving at UPS that Communications was going to be my focus for the next four years, and I've really enjoyed getting to know the professors and developing relationships with other COMM students. Probably my favorite class has been Bianca Wolf's Public Health Campaigns course, which really opened my eyes to the applicability of Communications. After graduation, I hope to take the skills that I've learned at UPS to someplace warm, and use them in a career involving publicity, campaign strategies, and social media.

On campus, I work at the circulation desk in the library as the Senior Assistant. I also work as an usher at Schneebeck concert hall, and took the initiative to create and run their official Facebook page. In my spare time, I enjoy running, spending time with my housemates (i.e. ordering takeout from some of the amazing Thai places Tacoma has to offer), and watching other people surf. Next year, I hope to find a third job, and I expect that my experiences within the Communications department will be just as rewarding and engaging as they have been the last three years!

Thank you to the Communications department and to the donor for this scholarship, it's a big help and I truly appreciate it!


Greg Shipman

Greg Shipman hails from Bend, Oregon and is pursing a degree in Communication Studies, with minors in African American Studies and Politics and Government. Greg, entering his junior year at Puget Sound, has enjoyed a seamless integration into the Puget Sound community. He was elected into Residence Life as the President of Todd/Phibbs Hall his first year on campus. Greg sings in the Adelphian Concert Choir and Voci ‘d Amci, while serving as the Assistant to the Director and Assistant Tour Manager. In addition, he is a Puget Sound Outdoors leader and a Passages Orientation Leader. A member of the Greek community, Greg holds the office of Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Greg is excited to serve as a Communications Studies Course Assistant.

Greg adheres to his philosophy of education, learning both inside and outside the classroom. He appreciates the university’s acknowledgement and support. During his studies, he has grown tremendously and has been stretched to new heights. Within the field of Communication Studies, Greg is focused on interpersonal and organizational communication. Although not his primary discipline, he has been challenged and gained greatly from his studies of rhetoric and film this past year. The next two years will bring growth, learning, leadership opportunities, and change. Greg is looking forward to discovering where his path leads.

He is sincerely grateful for this generous award and appreciative of both his donor and the entire Communication Studies Faculty and Staff.


Alana Speich

I’m a Communication Studies and Spanish double major. Coming from Boulder, Colorado it’s been great to find a second home here at Puget Sound in so many different communities on campus. A big part of my life here at school, other than my studies, is Ultimate Frisbee. I’ve played on the team since my freshman year and we just went to D3 Nationals for the first time and tied for seventh. I also am a Puget Sound Outdoors leader, getting to plan and lead trips throughout the Northwest. This year it has also been great to become involved in the 2017 cohort for the Leadership Development and Engagement Initiative and meet more people throughout the community. Additionally I’m part of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and am now a Co-Activities Coordinator, and Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society. In the fall I’m headed to Granada, Spain for the semester and I’m so excited. I love spending my time adventuring and crafting. I’m looking forward to the next two years in the Puget Sound community and being able to make the best of my experiences, and I can’t wait to keep working in the Communications department and figuring out my passions.