2014 Graduates

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Congratulations to Our Graduates!
Department of Biology Bachelor's Degree Candidates

May 18, 2014

Aaron Altabet, Natural Science
Christine Anderson, Natural Science
Amelia Asbe, Biology - Honors in Biology
Jennifer Brehove, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Colin Burns, Biology
Brenna Cameron, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Magna Cum Laude
Patricia Connors, Natural Science
Lindsey Coulson, Biology
Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters, Biology - Magna Cum Laude
Sophie Diepenheim, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Summa Cum Laude
Jordan Dilley, Biology
Holly Dixon, Biology - Honors in Biology
Leo Dworkin, Biology
Hannah Fagerbakke, Natural Science
Amy Ferguson, Biology
Morgan Giese, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Honors in Molecular & Cellular Biology
Callie Goldfield, Biology
Claire Gordon, Biology
Spencer Gordon, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Krista Haapanen, Biology
Matthew Hammer, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Morgan Hellyer, Biology - Honors in Biology
Mackenzie Hepker, Biology
Emily Hewitt, Natural Science
David Ho, Biology - Summa Cum Laude
Annie Kagel, Biology
Martin Klingbeil, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Johannah Kornbrath, Biology
Shelley Larsen, Biology
Christina Lee, Biology
Jinkyong Lee, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Cum Laude
Kyle Lee, Biology
Tomas Leriche, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Kristina Lewin, Natural Science - Magna Cum Laude
Ariana Lim - Natural Science
Alex Matsunami, Biology
Kathryn McGinnis, Biology
Cara Mullineaux, Biology
Sunny Nelson-Wyatt, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Erin O'Neill, Biology
Katy Papoulias, Biology - Magna Cum Laude
Ashley Poppenwimer, Natural Science
Michael Raub, Biology
Jasmine Rodriguez, Biology
Joseph Rodriguez, Natural Science
Kelly Rotstan, Biology
Veronica Sagert, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Coolidge Otis Chapman Honors Scholar
Sarah Schuh, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Kalia Schuster, Biology
Alec Scott, Natural Science
Brenda Seymour, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Cum Laude
Scott Smith, Biology
Erik Solhaug, Biology - Honors in Biology
Caryn Stein, Biology
Shelly Stephan, Biology
Lucas Stone, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Honors in Molecular & Cellular Biology
Casey Thayer, Molecular & Cellular Biology
Lake Thelen, Biology - Magna Cum Laude
Logan Thompson, Natural Science - Magna Cum Laude
John Valenzuela, Molecular & Cellular Biology - Honors in Molecular & Cellular Biology
Alisa Wallace, Biology - Magna Cum Laude
Bonnie Wirth, Biology
Dylan Witwicki, Natural Science
Riggs Yarbro, Biology

Brenna Cameron, Colin Burns, Jenni Brehove, Amelia Asbe

Sophie Diepenheim, Kelsey Crutchfield-Peters, Lindsey Coulsen, Patti Connors

Amy Ferguson, Hannah Fagerbakke, Leo Dworkin, Holly Dixon, Jordan Dilley

Flag-bearer Krista Haapanen

Matt Hammer, Spencer Gordon, Claire Gordon, Callie Goldfield, Morgan Giese

Christina Lee, Shelley Larsen, David Ho, Emily Hewitt, Mackenzie Hepker, Morgan Hellyer

Alex Matsunami, Ariana Lim, Toma Leriche, Kyle Lee, Jinkyong Lee

Katy Papoulias, Erin O'Neill, Cara Mullineaux, Kathryn McGinnis, Bonnie Wirth

Veronica Sagert, Kelly Rotstan, Jasmine Rodriguez, Mike Raub, Ashley Poppenwimer

Scott Smith, Brenda Seymour, Alec Scott, Sarah Schuh

Riggs Yarbro, John Valenzuela, Logan Thompson, Casey Thayer, Lucas Stone, Erik Solhaug

Faculty: Leslie Saucedo, Mary Rose Lamb, Andreas Madlung