Miki Memorial Scholar Award

This award is generously funded by the Miki Memorial Endowment. The Puget Sound Miki Scholar will normally spend nine to twelve months in Japan, with the assistance of a faculty mentor, affiliated with a university in Tokushima as a research student with independent research and travel, formal internships, studio art experiences, formal assistantships or apprenticeships. Miki Scholars will perform the majority of such activities in Tokushima on the island of Shikoku.

The Miki Memorial Endowment fund will provide to the Puget Sound Miki Scholar a stipend equal to the tuition cost and student government fees at the University of Puget Sound in the year the scholar participates on the program. The Scholar will also receive one roundtrip coach airline ticket to Japan from the United States. The Miki Scholar will be responsible for finding housing but will be assisted by the Japanese Miki Committee. Because the stipend may not cover all of the expenses of the Miki Scholar, the Scholar may supplement the award from other sources to extend the period of the project up to a maximum of one year.

Who Should Apply?
Applicants may include current Puget Sound seniors or recent Puget Sound graduates (i.e., alumni/ae who have graduated within three years of the award). Miki Scholars normally will have successfully completed Japanese language courses through Japanese 302 (or 202 if the Scholar’s activities will entail less extensive use of Japanese). While it is anticipated that over the years, Miki Scholars will represent a variety of undergraduate disciplines, the awards will be based on the quality, feasibility and significance of the proposal rather than on the undergraduate major or future career interests of the applicant.

Criteria for Award
The criteria to be used by the Miki Committee in selecting a Miki Scholar include:

  • The quality, feasibility and professional significance of the proposed activities. For example, the Miki Committee will take into account the likelihood that the project can be completed during the projected period and with available resources.
  • Evidence and promise of superior academic achievement.
  • Evidence that the applicant has applied him/herself seriously to the study of Japanese language and culture.
  • The degree of interest in Japanese studies as evidenced by the applicant’s course work or other activities.
  • The willingness of the applicant to be flexible and his or her ability to adapt to life in another culture.

How to Apply
Applicants may apply by completing the following:

  1. The Miki Memorial Award Scholar application form.
  2. Submitting a copy of Puget Sound transcript.
  3. A written statement of 500-1000 words outlining the proposed project, its professional significance and feasibility. The statement should include a discussion of what support the applicant would need from the Japanese Miki committee, the applicant’s preparation for such a project, and the importance of such a project to the applicant’s short and long-term professional or academic aspirations.
  4. Three references from Puget Sound faculty members (including one dealing with the applicant’s language proficiency).
  5. Finalists may be required to take part in an interview with a panel of UPS Miki Committee members (scheduled before the end of the semester).

For further information please contact:

Jan Leuchtenberger
University of Puget Sound
1500 N. Warner
Tacoma, WA 98416-1054