Alumni News

Katherine Havlik ’12, will be attending the University of Utah School of Psychology PhD program

Maggie O’Rourke ’14, is working at Seattle Art Museum as an Education Assistant in the Department of Public Programs

Scott Valentine ’07, is showing his piece Last Suppers at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he is a Master of Design Candidate 2016

Samantha Barry (Howarth) ‘10 is Manager of Training at the Newseum, Washington, D.C.  She earned an M.A. degree in Art History at American University.

Rachael Pullin ‘09 is Curatorial Intern at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She earned an M.A. degree in Art History from American University.  Rachael also served as curatorial and education intern at the Smithsonian.

Andrew Griebeler ’09, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, was awarded a two year fellowship (2014-2016) from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation to pursue his dissertation research at the Kunsthistorisches Institute in Florence.

Scott Valentine ’08 is pursuing a Master of Design degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Maggie O'Rourke '14 was awarded a 2014 summer internship in the Education Department at the Seattle Art Museum.

Lucas Sokolsky '14 participated in the Art Summer Residency Program in Europe in Summer 2014 with three studio art students, traveling to Budapest, Leipzig, and Berlin to study contemporary art.  The program is funded by an anonymous donor.

Tosia Klincewicz '14 presented a paper, "On Display: Curating the Works of Julia Margaret Cameron", at the Gender Studies Symposium held at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon in March 2014.

Michelle Reynolds ’12 is pursuing an M.A. degree in Art History and Museum Studies at Syracuse University.

Joelle Luongo '13 held the position of Curatorial Intern in Summer 2013 for the African collection of the Seattle Art Museum.

Zoe MacLeod ‘11 earned an M.A. degree in information studies from UCLA, focusing on archives.

Westrey Page '12 is pursuing an M.A. degree in art history at the Freie Universitat in Berlin. She participated in the Congress-Bundestag Young Professionals Exchange Program in 2012-13, a competitive fellowship program offered to seventy-five young Americans each year.  The program offers university training followed by an internship of the candidate's choice in Germany in order to develop intercultural exchange between young Americans and German professionals.

Andrew Griebeler '09, a Ph.D candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, won first prize in the 2012 student essay competition of the International Center of Medieval Art (New York, NY) for his paper: "Picturing Time and Eternity in Sixth-Century Ravenna."

Emily Bolton '12 earned an M.A. in Library and Information Science at the University of Washington and is working as the company librarian and music assistant for the Seattle Opera.

Kelsey Eldridge '12 earned an M.A. degree in Art History at the University of Washington in Seattle. Check out her blogs on Hagia Sophia and on Why Study Art History, along with other topics.

Rebekah McKay '10 earned an M.A. degree in Archaeology at the University of Exeter.

Zoe Fromer ‘10 earned a Master of Arts in Teaching at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR.

Katie Ferguson '09 earned an M.A. degree at the Fine and Decorative Arts Program of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London.

Andrew Griebeler ’09 is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Art History at the University of California, Berkeley in Roman, Byzantine, and Medieval Art with the support of the University Pre-doctoral Humanities Fellowship for Graduate Study.

Ashley Dowden ’08 completed an M.A. at the Art Business Masters Program of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York, NY.

Sarah Lippai '07 is pursuing an M.A. degree in Art History with a specialization in Roman Art at the University of Washington

Amy Peterson ’07 earned a Master of Science degree in public health at the London Graduate School of Tropical Medicine. She is director of HIV prevention at ETR Associates.

Michelle Salter ‘07 earned a law degree at the University of Nebraska. She is Associate Attorney at the Nair Law Group.

Tess Kutasz '06 is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Italian Renaissance art history at Pennsylvania State University.  She held the Katzenberg Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution's Freer and Sackler Galleries where she worked with Islamic manuscripts in the summer of 2006. She also worked at the Archives of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution in 2006 where she curated an exhibit of recent acquisitions featuring the papers of ceramicists Robert Chapman Turner and Toshiko Takaezu.

Pamela Jaynes (nee Haynes) '03 received an M.A. degree in Art History from the University of Washington in 2005. She runs her own art appraisal company in Seattle (Jaynes Appraisals).

Sarah Titus '03 received an M.A. degree in Archaeological Studies from Yale University in 2006 and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Washington focusing on Roman Art. As an adjunct professor she taught at Utah State University, Weber University, the University of Washington, the University of Puget Sound, and Pacific Lutheran University. She also served as co-director of the Art History Seminar in Rome at the University of Washington.

Brenda Longfellow '94 received her M.A. in art history at the University of Washington and her Ph.D. in classical art and archaeology at the University of Michigan. She is associate professor at the School of Art and Art History of the University of Iowa. Her book Roman Imperialism and Civic Patronage: Form, Meaning and Ideology in Monumental Fountain Complexes (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) was published in 2011. In 2012, she received the Rome Prize Fellowship in Ancient Studies at the American Academy in Rome to research a book she has tentatively titled Past Lives, Present Meanings: Reused Statues in Imperial Rome. The book considers why ancient Roman emperors from Augustus to Constantine incorporated older statues into their newly built monuments and how these new ensembles impacted the developing Roman sense of identity.