University of Puget Sound Occupational Therapy Clinic for Children

Occupational therapy students, under the direct supervision of licensed occupational therapists, provide evaluations and interventions for children in the Pediatric Clinic at Puget Sound.  Children are referred to the clinic by their parents, teachers, pediatricians, or community therapists (with permission of parent or guardian).  Reasons for referral to the clinic include functional deficits in the following areas:  daily living skills (self-care, dressing, eating), play skills, or cognitive, behavioral, or motor skills that interfere with academic achievement. The child and family will participate in a home or school observation, initial evaluation, treatment/intervention plan, home program and discharge evaluation.

The Pediatric clinic runs twice a week from the beginning of February through the end of April, with therapy sessions lasting 50 minutes. Sessions are available Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, both in the morning or afternoon. Families are responsible for arranging transportation to the clinic.

If you feel your child would benefit from our program and you are able to commit to consistent attendance and please fill out a self referral form (see referral tab to the right) to refer a client to the Pediatric clinic. All clients or their families referred to the clinic will be contacted by the clinic staff and screened to ensure that we can best meet their needs.