Specific prerequisite courses must be completed before enrollment in the Occupational Therapy Program:

  • One semester introductory statistics
  • Two semesters human anatomy and physiology, preferably with lab 
  • A total of three (3) units in Human Behavioral Science/Human Development, distributed as follows:

(a)  Human Development through the life span:
Developmental Psychology: Prenatal through Childhood or equivalent and Developmental Psychology: Adolescence through End of Life or equivalent. 

Note: It is sometimes possible to meet the Human Development prerequisite within a single course in which case an applicant must have completed 2 units in category (b) listed below.

(b)  Human Behavioral Science courses (one or more units as needed to complete the three-unit Human Behavioral Science/Human Development requirement): Psychology, Anthropology or Sociology at the 200 level or above addressing at least one of the following content areas:
     (i)  Normal and abnormal behavior of individuals and/or groups;
     (ii) The analysis of behavior of individuals and/or groups and their interactions; or
     (iii) Culture and mental health.

Questions about distribution of the three Human Behavioral Science/Human Development units, if taken at another school, should be directed to the Office of Admission, accompanied by a course description including the name of the school and an unofficial transcript if the coursework has been completed.

  • Though not a prerequisite, it is strongly recommended that all applicants take a medical terminology course for a grade (i.e. not pass/fail).     

Prerequisite course descriptions from all non-Washington institutions attended submitted directly to Puget Sound via mail, e-mail, or fax by December 1st.

Pugt Sound Admission

For items that must be submitted directly to Puget Sound, please use the following contact information:

Office of Admission
1500 N. Warner St.
CMB 1062
Tacoma, WA

253.879.3993 (fax)