Puget Sound Occupational Therapy Program Supplemental Application Essay

All applicants must compose an essay that addresses in an integrative way the topics listed below. The essay should have its own organization and not simply consist of answering the requested elements in the order listed. Submit the essay either on paper (must be typed or computer-printed, on white paper, with black ink, double-spaced, in no smaller than 10-point font, and is not to exceed four pages or 1500 words, not counting a cover page), or similarly formatted and emailed to graduate@pugetsound.edu. Your name, the date, and your OTCAS ID must appear on the first page of the document. Title your essay: "Reasons for Pursuing Occupational Therapy Study at Puget Sound." If you are emailing the essay as an attached file, be sure your last name is embedded in the name of the file.

  1. In your own words, tell us what occupational therapy is. Be specific. Refer to settings or situations you have recently observed. Demonstrate the depth, breadth, and currency of your understanding of the field.   
  2. Tell us how your education, work experiences, and other personal experiences and goals have brought you to apply for graduate education in the field of occupational therapy. Refer to the fit between the demands of the profession and your personal qualifications.   
  3. Describe and reflect on a challenging work situation faced by an occupational therapist you have observed.   
  4. Describe a challenging situation you personally experienced at work or school. Comment on what steps you took to resolve it.   
  5. Relate why you are interested in attending the Occupational Therapy program at the University of Puget Sound.   
  6. Discuss your interests in the research track or the policy/advocacy/leadership track (or both). 

Send your essay to:

Office of Admission
1500 N. Warner St.
CMB 1062
Tacoma, WA


253.879.3993 (fax)