Health Professions Advising

The Health Professions Advising Program provides special career counseling, committee interviews, letters of evaluation and application assistance for students who aspire to careers in the health professions. Advising services are not limited to medicine; students interested in dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, nursing, podiatry, pharmacy and allied health careers are encouraged to use the services of the Health Professions Advising Program. Students interested in occupational therapy or physical therapy should contact Puget Sound's School of Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy.

Health Professions Advisors are available to advise and answer questions on Health Professions careers, course planning and requirements for specific professions. Though students will primarily work with an advisor in their major, those who are interested in the health professions will also work with the Health Professions Office to create a file. We encourage you to begin a file with our office as soon as possible.  Please contact with your questions or to make an appointment with an advisor. Please review the list of medical schools our students have been accepted to over the years.

The new version of the MCAT is scheduled to be introduced in 2015 and is likely to be in place until 2030. The Preview Guide for MCAT2015 has been released and is available for download.  In addition to the biology, chemistry and physics currently recommended for the MCAT, additional courses in biochemistry (CHEM 460 & 461 OR BIOL 361), introductory psychology (PSYC 101) and sociology (CSOC 360—Sociology of health & medicine) are recommended for the 2015 MCAT.  For more information, please visit the Association of American Medical Colleges MCAT website.

Joyce Tamashiro, Ph.D., Biology, is an Advisor and Chair of the Health Professions Advising Committee.Kathleen Samms is an Advisor and coordinator of the Health Professions Advising Office. If you are applying for medical, dental, veterinary or pharmacy school for entrance in 2016 and you would like a committee letter you must inform us in writing by April 1. Click here for relevant forms.  Please follow these guidelines if you will be applying this spring/summer. 

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