First Year Advising Program

This section of the online advisor's manual is designed to assist advisors in working with first-year students.  The Calendar of Advising Activities for the Class of 2012 is annotated to highlight both important dates and important activities during Orientation.  Advising First Year Students outlines developmental and learning style issues that are critical in working with first-year students and provides information on how to use admission and diagnostic testing data in advising first year students. It explains what information can be gleaned from Pre-Advising Questionnaires, high school transcripts, college applications, SAT scores, and the Puget Sound math test. It also explains how these data can be used in advising.  The Education Records Policy explains FERPA and the university's procedures around this federal regulation.  This section is indispensable for introductory advising sessions with first year advisees.

The Core Curriculum outlines the basic requirements of the core for the academic year.  The Puget Sound Foreign Language Graduation Requirement provides policy information regarding this complement to the core curriculum.  Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate detail the university's policies for awarding credit for these tests. This information is very important, as it affects placement in courses and sets guidelines to help students avoid duplication penalties. The Triad Program describes a program housed in Academic Advising that supports students who may be at risk for academic difficulty. Services for Persons with Disabilities explains university policy with all disabled students; federal law mandates "reasonable accommodation," and it is helpful to know what that means at Puget Sound. International Programs and Study Abroad outlines the application process for students wishing to study abroad, as well as identifying all Puget Sound affiliated study abroad programs.  Making Effective Referrals lists some of the important university offices to whom advisors often refer students and offers tips on how to make those referrals work.