Transfer Student Advising

Puget Sound admits around 80 transfer students a year. These students are assigned to faculty advisors (most commonly department chairs) according to their expressed academic interests (“open” majors are advised by Kelli Delaney (253.879.3650) in the Office of Academic Advising). Transfer advising is considerably more complex initially than other forms of advising because coursework from other institutions must be evaluated and matched to Puget Sound core and major curricula. Transfer advisors may receive assistance at any time with credit evaluations by telephoning Colleen Mitchell in the Office of the Registrar (253.879.3219).

Additional complications in working with entering transfer students may arise in placing them within the sequences in their majors (particularly highly sequenced majors like music, math, foreign languages, and the sciences). Because of the complexity of transfer student advising, the Office of Academic Advising will provide training sessions for any new transfer advisors upon request. More detailed instructions on transfer student advising are included in Section B of the advisor’s manual.