Students of Concern

For many years Academic Advising has maintained the Triad Program, managed currently by Kelli Delaney (253.879.3650). Its three parts include:

  • Special attention to potentially at-risk entering students (as identified by Probation Probability Index), with particular care given by peer advisors
  • An “early alert” system for students who are having difficulty in their classes during a given term
  • A structured counseling and planning program for students who have received academic sanctions, to include academic improvement plans for continuing students with sanctions and academic performance agreements for suspended and dismissed students upon their return

The “alert” system has grown considerably in recent years, especially since the addition of an alert button on faculty class lists and advisee lists on Cascade Web. Faculty may send in an alert on a student of concern either using the Cascade Web alert form or through email or voice mail. Academic Advising staff will then follow up with the student, addressing the issues noted by the faculty and directing the student in steps to remedy them.

In 2002, the alert system was integrated into a larger effort designated as the Student Alert Group (SAG). This group is comprised of staff members from Academic Advising, the Office of the Registrar, Security Services, Student Financial Services, Student Accessibility and Accommodation, Residence Life, Student Affairs, Admission and Athletics. Alert cases coming either through Academic Advising or from other sources are addressed in weekly meetings of SAG, with follow-up handled by the colleague or colleagues best placed to deal with its particulars. In the course of academic year 2009-10, SAG worked with 718 individual students on a variety of concerns, an all-time record of interventions. Student concerns delivered through the advising alert system make up a significant element of the SAG caseload.