Advising Students in the Major

Students are required to select a departmental advisor when they declare a major, a process they initiate and faculty advisors confirm over Cascade Web. If a student chooses two majors, that student is required to have two major advisors, though the first major advisor will be the advisor of record (and dispenser of advising codes at registration). Major advising is intended not only to help students to navigate major requirements in a reasoned and appropriate way, but also to take advantage of associated opportunities (e.g., internships, summer research, graduate school options) that are related to their disciplines. Almost half of Puget Sound students go on to graduate or professional school within five years of graduation, so faculty support in this area is important. Major advisors help students to understand what constitutes a solid grounding in their disciplines, and toward the end of their academic careers to be sure that they have met all of their degree requirements. Online Degree Progress Reports (DPR) are available for students and faculty alike to monitor completion of degree requirements, and to "preview" other possible majors and minors. DPR makes oversight of student progress very much easier for advisors.