Student Alert Group

When a student is struggling with personal or academic issues during a term, Puget Sound's Student Alert Group, an all-campus team of student service professionals, intervenes with that student immediately.

Faculty may send a student alert to the Student Alert Group regarding any student at any time. An easy link to the preferred alert form is available on the faculty Cascade class lists. Faculty may also send an e-mail directly to Kelli Delaney or Joy Kiefer in Academic Advising.

The Student Alert Group includes the following representatives:

  • Academic Advising: Kelli Delaney, Joy Kiefer
  • Admission: Sam Riggs, Mike Rottersman
  • Athletics: Loree Payne
  • Disability Services:  Peggy Perno
  • Institutional Research:  Kate Cohn
  • Multicultural Student Services: Czarina Ramsay
  • Registrar: Lori Blake
  • Security: Todd Badham
  • Student Affairs: Debbie Chee
  • Student Financial Services: Ava Brock, Maggie Mittuch