What are Peer Advisors?

Above all else, Peer Advisors (PAs) devote their energies to improving the academic lives of first-year students. Each PA has a unique "caseload" of about 60 first-years; these students are the special responsibility of their PA. Though PAs have a particular responsibility for their own caseload, they must also be open to offering any first-years their academic assistance. Specific services offered by PAs include helping first-years to meet college-level academic expectations and demands, introducing first-years to academic support services, assisting first-years with short- and long-term academic planning, and reaching out to first-years in academic difficulty.

To provide these services, PAs are knowledgeable about and experienced with academic policies and regulations, dependable in the performance of their specific duties, aggressive in reaching out to first-years, supportive of academic advisors, and sensitive to the needs and feelings of students in the first year of their college lives. Finally, PAs are "paraprofessional" employees of the University, and therefore are resolute in protecting the confidentiality of student records and recognize working relationships with faculty, staff, and other students.