Page Header box: Test page with Content template

Page Intro box.  Differs from Page Content box in that it has virtually no options.  Gets intermediate font size btwen Header and Content.  Other purpose?

a video link works here, pasted address,  ?rel=0 stop and show no related videos

doesn't work with watch

Next two picts are Photo Gallery box, seems huge.  Editor asks to crop them (524x348) as they come in 1 at a time, so aspect ratio might be taken care of.  But a pain to load more than a few photos.  Once loaded they can't be modified.  The squished owl was loaded ingnoring crop suggesting, looks fine as a square and Page Content wraps around it.  A second image squishes the first.  See titles.

 Page Content block

video link works here

 Image insert with picture icon, aspect ok, large, medium, small, no option to rotate.  Images can be resized in Page Content box, but largest determines the horizontal footprint.  In old version there was an option that was not available for text wrapping around an image - should have been incorporated in the new version (same as Word).  Remember to get Content box text to wrap, only put one image in the Photo Gallery.


Thumbnail test, only the first one was linked then copied. Once copies they can be replaced with Insert. Note the aspect ratio is screwy, but that was original.  Only one image at a time can be selected for resizing, uggh, needs a shift click for multiple selections.  Select all selects the entire box.  On iPhone, the small images rearrange to display vertically.


Label here?? but difficult to align.  A grid of thumbnails is possible using a standard file name with a number than can be changed in HTML

 Video embed using the Share>Embed option and pasting into HTML doesn't show in preview, but does in publish.  Should allows more options, pasted code explained on Youtube

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>.  Shows and plays in the editor 

This large sea duck eats crustaceans and molluscs while wintering in Puget Sound. Females do not have a brightly colored bill. Video shows Surf Scoters, Wing-winged Scoters, and other seabirds ending with a group of Surf Scoters in a pairing chase with a female inciting a group of males.