Constructive Work for Racial Justice

Preparing students as informed citizens in a complex world requires attention to race and racism in all its manifestations. The Race and Pedagogy Initiative is a collaboration of the University of Puget Sound and the South Sound community aims at educating students and teachers at all levels to think critically…

Valued Strategies

The Institute accomplishes its work by the following:

  • Promoting exemplary diversity models through scholarship, teaching, engagement across constituencies, and efficacious, innovative action.
  • Weaving together scholarship and action in order to reduce racism and improve pedagogical practices at all educational levels.
  • Building alliances throughout the university and community.
  • Collaborating with individuals, groups, and organizations on campus and in the community to research, develop, promote, celebrate, and support programs consistent with the mission of the Institute.
  • Developing ongoing processes for individuals as teachers and learners to recognize and address personal and structural racism.
  • Establishing processes to examine how racism threatens our ongoing work, and attending to tensions within the Institute so as to ensure its stability and permanence.
  • Supporting projects that benefit and attract the participation and interest of national and international audiences and that bring national recognition to the university as a leader in the dialogue on race and pedagogy.
  • Pursuing the strategies above in part by staging of a National Conference on Race and Pedagogy every four years.