Writing Advisor Profiles and Schedule

Fall 2016

To make an appointment, drop by Howarth 109, call 253.879.3404, or complete this form.

Drop-in hours for writing are Sunday-Thursday, 3-4 p.m. 

Thesis Hour is Sundays 4-5 p.m. Contact cwltappointments@pugetsound.edu for more info! 


Cody Chun

Cody Chun

Amahi edolidara. I am a senior from Honolulu, majoring in English and minoring in African American Studies. I am a member of APASU and UPSCF. My favorite authors include Roberto Bolaño and Hanya Yanagihara. In my free time, I construct imaginary syllabi for literature courses that I someday hope to teach.


Sun 3-5pm, M 9-11am, Th 7-9pm

Major: English


Charvonia, Alissa

Alissa Charvonia

Hi! I’m Alissa Charvonia, your friendly neighborhood writing advisor with a major in Psychology and minors in English and Spanish. This year, I remain active in Hillel, the Jewish student organization on campus, while still making time to see my horse, Soxy, and run psychology research in the Fall. If you need resources that I can help you find as a former RA, have questions about spiritual and religious life on campus, want to geek out or discuss why the Dodgers are the best baseball team, come say hi! Warning: Writing conferences will often use Harry Potter as an example.


Sun 5-6pm, M 11am-1pm, T 3-5pm, W 2-4pm, Th 10-11am, F 10am-12pm

Major: Psychology
Other emphases: English and Spanish


Byrne, Matthew

Matthew Byrne

Hey! I’m Matthew and I’m a senior, originally from Alamo, CA, pursuing a double major in biology and Spanish. When I’m not doing academic-related activities, you may find me tutoring with FEPPS, teaching English, playing (or attempting to) play ukulele, or in the kitchen trying my hand at a new recipe. I’m really excited to work with on anything and everything at the Center!

Sun 1-3pm, T 12-2pm, Th 10am-12pm

Majors: Biology and Spanish 



 Etsell, Katharine

Katharine Etsell

Hello! I'm a senior history and printmaking double major hailing from always-sunny Santa Barbara, California. If I'm not writing papers or getting messy with ink in Kittredge, I'm probably playing piano, watching planes fly by, exploring the beautiful northwest, or eating cake at Corina Bakery. I'm excited to chat and work with you!


T 12-2pm, Th 12-2pm, F 11am-1pm

Majors: History and Art


Justin Higa

Justin Higa, Graduate Writing Advisor

I am from Pearl City, Hawaii, and I'm a 2015 alum of Puget Sound, with an exercise science major and a math minor.  When I’m not in class you can find me on one of the many golf courses in Tacoma. As an undergrad, I ran cross country and track for Puget Sound and taught hula for the annual Luau. I was an exercise science tutor as an undergrad and am looking forward to returning to the CWLT as a graduate writing advisor. Please don't hesitate to drop by!



Program: Doctorate of Physical Therapy



 Gill, Tiare

Tiare Gill

Hello and welcome to the CWLT!  I am a junior with a major in Biology and a minor in Environmental Policy & Decision Making.  I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, but am excited that I have the opportunity to get to know the beauty of Washington.  Both states have really nourished my love for the outdoors and have been huge inspirations in my art, writing, and other hobbies.  Additionally, this will be my second year as a Resident Assistant (my home is 2nd floor Seward), and my third year volunteering at the Slater Museum of Natural History here on campus.  I would love to hear about your experiences and hopes for this upcoming year, so please do not hesitate to stop into the Center!


Sun 1-3pm, T 7-9pm, F 12-2pm

Major: Biology 
Other Emphasis: Environmental Policy & Decision Making

 Diaz, Amanda

Amanda Diaz

Hi! My name is Amanda Díaz and I am a junior here at UPS. I created my own major between the disciplines of Politics and Government, Latino/a Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. This American Studies major explores the importance of race/ethnic politics, narratives, knowledge/power, and their relationship to questions of law, immigration, and national politics in the Americas. You can find me leading the Latinos Unidos club on Thursday nights or at the Northwest Detention Center advocating for immigrants rights though Advocates for Detainees’ Voices. I am passionate about helping people, not only with finding their voice, their identity, and their passions, but also with being confident and proud of the person they are. Looking forward to meeting you!


M 10am-12pm, W 10am-12pm, F 10am-12pm

Major: American Studies: Politics and Government, Latino/a Studies and Sociology/Anthropology


Lane, Kristen

Kristen Lane

Hi there! I’m a senior exercise science major in my third year as a writing advisor. My favorite things include volleyball, outdoor adventures, and those big comfy red chairs in Weyerhaeuser. I love learning new things in each appointment—stop by and teach me something!


S 3-4 pm (drop-in hour) and 4-5 pm, T 9-11am, F 12-2pm 

Major: Exercise Science
Other emphasis: Spanish


 Bengtson, Lilly

Lilly Bengtson

Hello! I'm a junior from Portland, Oregon, currently majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. When I'm not sequestered in the library, I can be found hiking (and inevitably getting lost), baking cookies, or enthusiastically pursuing strangers' dogs around campus. I'm excited to be here, so stop by and say hi!


M 12-2pm, T 6-8pm, F 9-11am

Major: Psychology

Other emphasis: Spanish


Anderson, Isabelle

Isabelle Anderson

Hi! I’m a junior from Portland, Oregon, pursuing my fervid capitalist dreams by majoring in Chemistry and English. In my spare time I enjoy running, doing laundry, gardening for roots, and reading poetry, Russian literature and the dictionary. I live off a diet of 100% tea and jam and CWLT candy so stop by if you want to snack with me and/or to talk about your essays and lab reports.


M 1-3pm, T 2-4pm, W 7-9pm

Major:  Chemistry and English


 Fonseca, Jordan

Jordan Fonseca

Hello!  I am a junior math and physics double major returning for my second year at the CWLT.  I'm thrilled to be switching from subject tutor to writing advisor this year, although hope to do both in the future.  I believed I was a poor academic writer for the majority of my high school career and still think that writing is a really challenging process despite having the potential to be both rewarding and empowering.  As a science and math student myself, I am especially interested in how organization and logical flow affect the effectiveness of a paper.  I look forward to working with all of you, but I feel especially prepared to work on technical writing such as lab reports and

research proposals.  


M 3-5pm, T 5-7pm, W 1-3pm

Major: Physics and Math



Zoë Branch

Hello! My name is Zoë and I'm a junior double major in French and English from Denver, Colorado. I'm excited to be working at the CWLT this year as both a French tutor and a Writing Advisor because it means that I get to talk and think about my two favorite things (French and English) all the time! When I'm not geeking out about academics, you can find me drinking coffee and/or eating hummus just about anywhere on campus. Please stop by to see with me, whether you have a question about grammar or just want to talk about ideas!


M 3-5pm, Th 9-11am

Majors: French and English 


 McMurry, Cassandra

Cassandra McMurry

Hi! I'm a senior History and German Studies double major returning from a year abroad in Munich, Germany. When I'm not in class you can find me making coffee at Diversions, working my way through a pile of books in the library, or hiking somewhere in the beautiful Northwest. I love all things writing related, from brainstorming to editing, and I'd love to chat with you about your writing triumphs, challenges, and everything in between. I can't wait to hear your ideas and I hope you come visit me in the CWLT! 


M 5-7pm, W 9-11am, Th 1-3pm

Major:  History and German


 Myers, Sophie

Sophie Myers

Hi! I’m a junior from Nampa, Idaho. I am studying English and education in hopes of becoming either a teacher or a rock star (or both). My passions include eating Tillamook Mudslide ice cream, picking lilacs, and making music. Stop by if you’d like to talk about writing, reading, or roller-skating!


M 6-8pm, T 2-4pm, Th 3-5pm 

Majors: English and Education



Wong, Jacq

Jacqueline Wong

I am a senior psychology and business double major from Chico, CA. I am excited to work in the CWLT as a writing advisor and psychology statistics tutor for a second year! Whenever I am not doing homework in Diversions, I can be found working for Campus Films, volunteering at a therapeutic horseback riding center, eating (most likely), or enjoying the outdoors. Come chat!


M 1-3pm, T 9-11am & 7-9pm, W 12-1pm, Th 7-9pm, F 10-11am

Majors: Psychology and Business 



Hannah Lehman

Hi! I'm a senior double major in art history, and politics and government. I spent my last fall abroad studying Turkish politics and art in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm a coxswain on the crew team, but when I'm not studying or out on the water, I am probably hanging out with friends, hiking, or trying to soak up all the sun I can. I'm really excited to work with you in the CWLT!


W 6-8pm, Th 1-3pm, F 1-3pm
Art History and Politics and Government


 Kylie Young

Kylie Young

Hi! My name is Kylie Young, and I’m from Salem, Oregon. I love anything pertaining to apples, yoga, chocolate, and cute animals. I’m a senior studying STS and SOAN, and I’m also a Trimble RCC. My primary academic interests revolve around the social aspects of environmental problems, feminized nature, patriarchal capitalism, and educational inequities. I love learning about everything, so I can’t wait to hear your ideas and read your work!


Su 4-5pm (Thesis hour) & 5-6pm, M 7-9pm, W 10-12pm, Th 3-4pm (Drop-in) & 4-5pm, F 10-12pm 

Majors: Science, Technology, & Society and Sociology & Anthropology

Writing Center Faculty

  • Pierre Ly, Professor of International Political Economy

  • Renee Simms, Visiting Assistant Professor of African American Studies

  • Julie Nelson Christoph, CWLT Director and Professor of English
    by appointment