Subject Tutor Profiles and Schedule

Spring 2015

To make an appointment, drop by Howarth 109, call 253.879.3404, or complete this form.




Evan Gannicott

Hi! I am a BLP and Economics double major with a minor in Math. When I’m not busy studying finance I love to go scuba diving. Please feel welcome to come stop by the CWLT; we’re here for you! 


Hours: M 2-4pm, T 10-11am & 1-4pm, W 11am-noon & 2-4pm, Th 10-11am & 1-2pm



Corinne Straube

Hi, my name is Corinne Straube. I just returned from an amazing semester in Australia, and I'm excited to spend my senior year back at UPS! I love traveling, photography, reading, and watching movies.


Hours: M 4-6pm, Th 7-9pm, Sun 3-5pm



Cheyenne Dewey

Hello! I am a junior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Spanish. When not studying, you can find me doing all things dance with RDG and Bluesion Dance Crew.  I am a newcomer to the Center, but I love working with the UPS Chemistry department as a student and CA, and look forward to working with you!


Hours: M 2-4pm, Th noon-2pm, F 1-3pm


Liz Meucci

Hello, my name is Liz Meucci and I am a senior who is absolutely crazy about chemistry. I am very excited to continue helping others with the subject as a returning chemistry tutor this year. In addition to tutoring, I also serve as a lead peer tutor at the CWLT, as an organic chemistry course assistant, and as a grader for Physical Chemistry. In my spare time, I love to hike and spend time outdoors with friends and family.


Hours: M 7-9pm, Th 6-8pm, Sun 4-5pm


Tyler Ueltschi

Hello, I am Tyler and am a Senior Chemistry and Math double major here at UPS. I am excited to spend my Senior year with the CWLT as a chemistry tutor! And with my math background will hopefully be able to help you through those tricky chemistry related math problems. In my free time I enjoy playing golf and exploring the outdoors as an amateur photographer. Don't hesitate to drop by the CWLT or to ask about my chemistry research when you see me hanging around Thompson/Harned!


Hours: T 7-9pm, W 7-9pm, Sun 1-3pm



Dongi Wang

Hi all! This is Dongni Wang from Chongqing, China. One fun fact about me is: I speak more fluent Chinese than English (trust me, Chinese is not that hard compared to English grammar). Come and share your experience learning Chinese or bring any questions you have! Plus, don't forget to drop by our conversation hour: there will be stories, Laoshi's homemade snacks, and fun!


Hours: T 6-8pm, W 7-8pm, Th 6-8pm



Evan Gannicott

Hi! I am a BLP and Economics double major with a minor in Math. When I’m not busy studying finance I love to go scuba diving. Please feel welcome to come stop by the CWLT; we’re here for you!


HoursM 2-4pm, T 10-11am & 1-4pm, W 11am-noon & 2-4pm, Th 10-11am & 1-2pm

Exercise Science


Justin Higa

Hi! My name is Justin Higa.  I am from Pearl City, Hawaii.  When I’m not in class you can find me on one of the many golf courses in Tacoma.  I also run cross country and track for Puget Sound while teaching hula for the annual Luau.  I will be graduating in the spring with an exercise science major and a math minor.  I’m looking forward to being a tutor this year, so please don't hesitate to drop by!


Hours: M 1-3pm, T 7-9pm, Sun 3-5pm




Kaari Selven

I’m a senior French major, returning to campus after a semester abroad in Dijon! I’m looking forward to sharing what I learned about French language and culture as a tutor at the CWLT—stop by a say “bonjour!”


Hours: M 12-3pm, T 2-3pm, Sun 3-5pm


 Julie Taquin

Hi! I'm Julie and I come from Davis, California. I just got back from an amazing semester in Dijon, France and would love to help you with whatever you need in French! Feel free to schedule an appointment or come by during drop-in hours!


Hours: T 4-6pm, W 6-8pm, Th 6-8pm



Katrina Buesch

Hey guys! I'm the returning German tutor this year at the CWLT and am looking forward to another year of tutoring! I'm from Aspen, Colorado, and am a senior double majoring in Psychology and German Literary Studies. I spent a semester abroad in Freiburg, Germany and am looking forward to going back to Germany after graduation. Hope to see some new (and old) faces in the CWLT this year!


Hours: M 4-6pm, W 2-4pm, Th 5-7pm


 Alex Plant

Alex Plant

Hello! My name is Alex Plant and I am the Ancient Greek tutor at the CWLT! I am currently a junior at Puget Sound pursuing a double major in History and American Politics & Government, with a minor in classics. My other activities on campus include working as a Peer Advisor with the Office of Academic Advising and playing tenor sax in the Concert Band. My ultimate goal is to become a history professor so I can teach students about the American Presidency and Woodrow Wilson. I look forward to working with all of you in the Center!


Hours: M 5-7pm, T 3-5pm, Th 4-6pm



Kazu Suzuki

Hi! I’m from Tokyo, Japan and a junior here at Puget Sound. I like to talk about anything—in Japanese, or even not in Japanese! Ask me anything you find curious. I hope I can contribute to your Japanese practicing!


Hours: M 6-8pm, Th 5-7pm, Sun 1-3pm



Spencer De Chenne

Hi, I'm Spencer De Chenne, a senior Math major originally from Sedro Woolley, Washington. When my head is not off in Math Land, I'm generally playing viola, although I also enjoy cooking, eating, and occasionally sleeping. 


Hours: M 4-6pm, W 6-8pm, Th 7-9pm

Davis Shurbert

Davis Shurbert

My name is Davis Shurbert and I would love to help you with you Mathematics and/or Computer Science work. I've been studying Mathematics for quite some time and I have fallen in love with the subject. My favorite hobbies include rock hounding, mushroom hunting, backpacking, free diving, and reading. I really look forward to meeting you all!


Hours: M 11am-1pm, F noon-2pm, Sun 4-5pm



Audrey Kvam

Hi! My name is Audrey, and I’m from Rochester, Minnesota. I’m a senior double majoring in Math and Physics, and this is my second year as a CWLT physics tutor! I am a huge fan of BBC and delicious food. Please feel free to come in with any physics questions you may have: I’d love to help!


Hours: T 7-9pm, Th 1-3pm, Sun 4-5pm


Kyle Whitcomb

Hello! I’m Kyle Whitcomb, a senior majoring in Physics and Mathematics. When I’m not tutoring or working a shift at Tech Services, you’re likely to see me around Thompson, especially the Physics Resource Room. This is my third year tutoring at the CWLT and I’m looking forward to meeting many more of you wonderful Loggers!


Hours: T 5-7pm, W 6-8pm, Th 5-7pm



Corey Friedman

I am a Spanish and International Business major from Portland, Oregon. Some of my interests are guitar, basketball, and foreign languages. I became a Spanish tutor to share my love for speaking Spanish and to create an exchange of knowledge and excitement for the language. Whether it’s to ask Spanish-related questions or just have a conversation in Spanish, don’t hesitate to come in! I would love to meet with you. ¡Nos vemos pronto!


Hours: M 4-6pm, Th 4-6pm, Sun 2-3pm


Shelby Isham

Hello! I’m Shelby, your friendly neighborhood Spanish tutor. I am a senior this year, hoping to get a degree in English Literature and Theatre Arts, with a minor in Spanish. When I’m not pondering the complexities of the conditional tense, you can find me performing with Ubiquitous They Improv and Sketch Comedy and making friends with bugs. I hope to see you in the CWLT soon!


Hours: T 1-4pm, Th 1-4pm


Amy Luong

Hello! I'm Amy Luong, one of the Spanish tutors here at the CWLT.  I'm a senior double majoring in Exercise Science and Spanish, and I just came back from a semester abroad in Santiago!  I'm so excited to share with anyone and everyone all that I've learned abroad, and I'd love to talk about anything that has to do with Spanish, so please come on by!


Hours: T 4-6pm, F 10am-noon, Sun 2-3pm



Alison Paradise, Faculty in Mathematics & Computer Science

M 2 pm-4 pm, T 1 pm-4 pm, Th 2 pm-5 pm


Join a CWLT study group!

Check out our new GRE study group! Tutors in the sciences, math, and English will be on hand to lead free weekly review sessions on GRE topics to help you prep for your test. We also have review books, flashcards, and worksheets available for use in the Center.

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  • Accounting/Finance: T 3-4pm
  • Biology: Th 8-9pm
  • Chemistry: W 7-8pm, Th 6-7pm & F 2-3pm
  • Chinese: Th 7-8pm
  • Economics: W 3-4pm
  • Exercise science: M 1-2pm
  • French: M 2-3pm & T 5-6 pm
  • German: W 2-3pm
  • GRE study group: Sun 4-5pm
  • Greek: T 3-4pm
  • Japanese: Th 5-6pm
  • Math: M 2-3pm, T 1-3pm, W 6-7pm, Th 2-4pm & F 1-2pm
  • Physics: T 6-8pm
  • Spanish 102/110 conversation hour: Sun 2-3pm
  • Upper-level Spanish: Th 3-4pm
  • Statistics: M 2-3pm, T 1-3pm & Th 2-4pm