Subject Tutor Profiles and Schedule

Fall 2015

To make an appointment, drop by Howarth 109, call 253.879.3404, or complete this form.



Nakisha Renee Jones

Nakisha Renée Jones

Hi! I'm excited to be a writing advisor and finance tutor. This year I'm a senior with double majors in the Business Leadership Program and Communication Studies, and double minors in Economics and African American Studies. When I'm not in the Center, you may find me in the ASUPS President's office, or volunteering around my home city of Tacoma.


Hours: M 6-8pm, W 10am-12pm, Th 3-5pm


 Olivia Schwerdt

Olivia Schwerdt

Hey y'all! I'm Olivia Schwerdt and this is my senior year at UPS. I'm a biology major and chemistry minor. In my free time I love to read, bake, craft with anything using glitter… and of course, watch Netflix! But come on by and ask me anything about biology because that's a lot of fun too!


Hours: T 12-2pm, Th 5-7pm, Sun 1-3pm


Cheyenne Dewey

Cheyenne Dewey

Hello! My name is Cheyenne and I am a senior ready to take on my second year as a Chemistry tutor at the CWLT! When not balancing Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish in my MCB major and Spanish minor, you can find me in the Bio department researching the sulfurous bacterial mats in Puget Sound or dancing my heart out with RDG and Bluesion Dance Crew. I absolutely adore the UPS Chemistry and CWLT families and can’t wait to share their love with you!


Hours: M 4-6pm, T 6-8pm, W 10-noon


Nathan Laviste

Hello! My name is Nathan Laviste, and I am a junior majoring in chemistry and minoring in mathematics. When I’m not studying chemistry or conducting crazy reactions in the lab, I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing the oboe in wind ensemble, and watching Netflix while eating junk food. I am very excited to be working at the CWLT and look forward to meeting all of you!


Hours: M 7-9pm, W 12-2pm, Sun 1-3pm


Alec Pankow

Hi!  My name is Alec and I’m a senior biochemistry major from Ketchikan Alaska.  I am looking forward to returning to campus and spending my first year with the CWLT.  I just got back from a great semester in Chile and would love to share stories while we tackle some tricky chemistry.  When I’m not hanging around Thompson/Harned you can probably find me reading about all things soccer. Please don't hesitate to stop by! 


Hours: W 6-8pm, T 4-6pm, F 2-4pm


 Amy Bodner

Amy Bodner

Hey there! My name is Amy and I am a Chinese tutor here at the CWLT.  After a year of eating dumplings and taking pictures of giant Buddhas in China, I have returned to the Puge to finish up my degrees in Economics and Chinese. I am looking forward to helping you with those tricky tones and chatting about all things Asia!


Hours: T 9-11am, W 7-8pm, Th 3-5pm



Miranda Kraus

Hey! I'm Miranda. I'm an Economics major double minoring in Environmental Policy & Decision Making, and Math. When I'm not in class, you can probably find me biking around Tacoma or eating sushi. Whether you have one small economics question or are confused about an entire subject, feel free to come on by!


HoursM 4-6pm, W 2-4pm, Th 3-5pm

Exercise Science


Daniel Deuel

Hello! My name is Daniel Deuel and I am a senior exercise science major. When I am not studying, you can find my out on the tennis courts, basketball courts, gym, etc. (I take my major to heart). I am so excited to spend my last year at UPS helping my peers at the CWLT. Exercise science is such a wonderful field, but much of the material can be hard to understand. Please, whether you need help understanding a new concept, or just want to review material before an exam, come see me at the CWLT!


Hours: T 2-4pm, Th 10-noon, Sun 3-5pm




Zoe Branch

Hello! My name is Zoe Branch and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I’m a sophomore double majoring in French and English and minoring in music, and I am very excited to be joining the CWLT staff this year! In my free time, I do a lot of singing, reading, and coffee drinking, and I have exceptionally enthusiastic love for elephants. Feel free to stop by to see me, be it for help with French grammar or just some good conversation!


Hours: M 3-5pm, T 2-4pm, Th 10-noon


 Marissa Croft

Bonjour! I'm a senior French and Communication Studies double major from Corvallis, Oregon. I just got back from Dijon, France where I spent a semester speaking, writing, and baking like the French. In my spare time, I love knitting, enriching my vinyl record collection, and studying flowers. Please feel free to stop by or make an appointment, I'm looking forward to helping you with any questions you may have! 


Hours: T 11am-1pm, W 2-4pm, F 2-4pm


Noa Morales

Noa Morales

Hi there, I'm Noa Morales and I'm a senior fresh off the boat from a year in Munich.  I'm a German International Studies major who is eager to help you with all things deutsch! I'd be happy to help you with grammar, vocabulary, and especially conversation and chit-chat. You can also feel free to ask me about my experiences abroad, and what Germans sound like when they are annoyed with you. I'm a big fan of movies, the outdoors, and cooking.


Hours: M 6-8pm, W 11am-1pm, Th 3-5pm


 Alex Plant

Alex Plant

Hello! My name is Alex Plant, I am from Marysville, Washington, and I am a Writing Advisor and Ancient Greek tutor at the CWLT! I am currently a senior at Puget Sound pursuing a triple major in History, American Politics & Government, and Classical Languages. When I am not working in the Center you can find me working as the Peer Coordinator with the Office of Academic Advising or playing tenor sax in the Concert Band. My ultimate goal is to become a history professor so I can teach students about the American Presidency and Woodrow Wilson. Until then, I look forward to working with all of you in the Center!


Hours: M 7-9pm, T 3-4pm (drop-in), T 4-5pm, Th 3-5pm



Kazu Suzuki

Hi! I’m from Tokyo, Japan and a junior here at Puget Sound. I like to talk about anything—in Japanese, or even not in Japanese! Ask me anything you find curious. I hope I can contribute to your Japanese practicing!


Hours: T 3-5pm, W 6-8pm, Th 1-3pm





Liam Connerly

Hello, Hello! My name is Liam and I'm here to help you out with some Latin. I hail from Santa Fe, NM, and some of my passions include the wonderful language of Latin, Rock Climbing, Coffee, working in Oppenheimer, and watching Chopped slash Cutthroat Kitchen slash Unique Eats... A.k.a, ALL of the Food Channel. Please feel free to drop by whenever. As my friends like to say, I have an interesting and funny passion for Latin, and I want to spread my love for this language with you guys! 


Hours: M 5-7pm, Th 2-4pm, F 2-4pm



Kelsey Reed

Kelsey Reed

Hi! My name is Kelsey, I am a junior doing the 3-2 engineering program.  When I'm not tutoring or hanging out in Thompson, I enjoy running, hiking, and eating chocolate.  Please come in with any math questions you may have-- I am happy to help! 



Hours: M 6-8pm, W 2-4pm, F 12-2pm


Matthew Moreno

Howdy! My name is Matthew Moreno. I hail from Corvallis, Oregon. I am currently studying Mathematics and Biochemistry here at UPS and I play the oboe in my spare time. I also enjoy a good game of chess. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the CWLT!


Hours: T 3-5pm, Th 1-3pm, Sun 1-3pm



Jordan Fonseca

Hello!  I'm Jordan, a sophomore Physics major from New Mexico. Aside from pondering physics and admiring airplanes, my hobbies include skiing, reading, and discussing anything and everything with friends.  If I had to pick a favorite movie, Interstellar would be my first choice.  I love physics, tutoring, and people, so come say hi!  I'm super excited to be a member of the CWLT community, and I look forward to working with all of you.


Hours: M 7-9pm, Th 5-7pm, F 2-4pm

Molly Hazelhurst

Molly Hazlehurst

Hello, My name is Molly Hazlehurst and I am a Dual Degree Physics and Engineering major here at UPS. I am very excited to be a physics tutor this year at the CWLT! In my free time I love getting outdoors to go running and hiking. I also love dogs, playing the piano, and going out to eat yummy food! Please feel free to stop by with any Physics related questions; I would love to help!


Hours: T 9-11am, W 12-2pm, Th 9-11am


psychology statistics


Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong

Hi! I am currently a junior, and I am originally from Chico, CA. I am double majoring in psychology and business. When I’m not doing academic-related activities, I can be found working for Campus Films and Residence Life, volunteering for a therapeutic horseback riding center, playing guitar, eating (most likely), or watching an unhealthy amount of TV shows. I’m very excited to work with you in the CWLT as a writing advisor and psychology statistics tutor!


M 5-7 pm, W 2-3 pm, W 3-4 pm (drop-in), Th 9-11 am


Corey Friedman

Corey Friedman

I'm Corey, a Hispanic Studies major and a French minor. Given my love of the Spanish language, I sought a position at the CWLT and after a year of working here, I couldn't be happier! In fact, my passion for this line of work has prompted my recent summer voyage to Madrid, where I took 10 weeks of classes on teaching Spanish as a second language. Outside of work, I love to cooking, basketball, and studying other languages. Whether it's to study for a test, take a look at an essay, or just to practice conversation, don't hesitate to come to my hours! ¡Nos vemos pronto!



Hours: T 6-8pm, Th 7-9pm, Sun 3-5pm


Jule Holgate

Hey Guys! My name is Jule and I'm a sophomore Exercise Science and Spanish double major. As a native Portandian I love long walks in the rain and Tillamook cheese. On weeknights, if I'm not helping you conjugate you can find me in front of the TV cheering on the Trail Blazers. Make sure to stop on by, I'd love to help you out!


Hours: T 2-4pm, W 1-3pm, F 12-2pm


Olivia Keene

Helllo my name is Olivia Keene. I am from Wittman, Maryland and I'm part of the graduating class of 2017. Here at Puget Sound I am part of the women's varsity lacrosse team and am a Spanish Language, Literature and Culture Major with a minor in Gender and Queer Studies. On campus I am involved in Wixen, the women's group on campus and the Wetlands publication. I also adore the outdoors and practicing yoga. I am stoked to have this opportunity to become a part of the CWLT community by tutoring Spanish and getting a chance to get to know my department's community even better. 


Hours: M 4-6pm, Th 12-2pm, S 3-5pm



Sam Coates

Hello, I’m Sam! I’m a senior mathematics major with a passion for statistics. I am very excited to be returning to the CWLT for my third year as the - drumroll, please - statistics tutor! So, if you want to chat about stats or if you just need an awesome place to study, don’t hesitate to come in; the CWLT is a great place to be!


Hours: M 11-1pm, T 2-4pm, W 12-2pm



Matthew Pickard (Faculty)

Hours: M 1-3pm, T 2-4pm, W 1-3pm , Th 2-4pm


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