Wednesdays at 4: Fall 2013

Faculty are invited to join us for conversation and appetizers at our weekly sessions of Wednesdays at 4 at the CWLT.

September 25—Tips from the Winners of This Year’s Teaching Awards

David Andresen (Psychology)
Gwynne Brown (Music)
Jennifer Neighbors (History)
David Requiro (Music)

Moderator: Julie Christoph (English and Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching)

October 2—Should We Care about the Common Core State Standards?

Molly Pugh (Education)
David Scott (Emeritus, Mathematics)

Moderator: Martin Jackson (Mathematics and Associate Dean)

Common Core Math Standards
Common Core State Standards - Highlights for Language Arts
Key Points English Language Arts

October 9—What Now is the Work of Education and Justice?: Your Teaching, Research, Experience and the 2014 Race and Pedagogy National Conference

Sharon Chambers-Gordon (Fellowships)
Fred Hamel (Education)
Grace Livingston (African American Studies)
Andreas Madlung (Biology)
Hans Ostrom (English/African American Studies)
Ellen Peters (Institutional Research)
Lori Ricigliano (Library)

Moderator: Carolyn Weisz (Psychology)

October 16—Passing with an "E": Electronic Grading Options for Faculty

Jennifer Utrata (Sociology and Anthropology)
Renee Houston (Communication Studies)

Chair:  Lauren Nicandri (Educational Technology)

October 23—Are you unwittingly excluding some students from your classroom process? Universal Design in the Classroom

Kyle Cramer (Educational Technology)
Kent Hooper (Humanities and German)
Lauren Nicandri (Educational Technology)
John Wesley (English)

Chair:  Peggy Perno (Student Accessibility and Accommodation)

October 30—Learning Outcomes—What They Are and What We Do with Them

Bill Barry (Classics and History)
Peggy Burge (Library)
Martin Jackson (Mathematics and Associate Dean)
Lauren Nicandri (Educational Technology)

Chair: Nancy Bristow (History)

November 6—Planning Ahead versus Adapting on the Fly (hosted by the Informal Committee on Teaching)

Sigrun Bodine (Mathematics)
Sara Freeman (Theatre Arts)
John Wesley (English)

Chair:  Jeff Tepper (Geology)

November 13—Taking Stock of the Seminars in Scholarly Inquiry, (Nearly) One Semester In

Bill Breitenbach (History)
Nancy Bristow (History)
Julie Christoph (English)
Amy Fisher (Science, Technology, and Society)
Priti Joshi (English)
Brett Rogers (Classics)
Amy Spivey (Physics)

Moderator: Peggy Burge (Library)

November 20—Show and Tell from the Semester: Best and Worst Assignments (hosted by the Informal Committee on Teaching)

Please come and share assignments! If possible, email yours to Julie Christoph beforehand, so we can share them electronically during the session on the digital projector.

Chair: Pepa Lago-Grana