Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching FAQs

How do I make an appointment?
The Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching offers many kinds of appointments to support faculty in their teaching and to provide opportunities for all Puget Sound students to achieve their academic goals.

There are several ways for students to make an appointment to meet with a writing advisor or subject tutor. The fastest ways are to stop by the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching (Howarth 109) or to call 253.879.3404. Students can also request appointments by using the forms for a writing appointment or for a subject tutoring appointment. Before requesting an appointment, it is helpful to consult the schedules for writing advisor and subject tutor hours.

In addition to scheduled appointments, writing advisors and peer tutors also offer many drop-in hours for quick questions and for group work sessions. Spring 2016 writing drop-in times are S-Th 3-4 p.m., and subject tutoring drop-in times vary by discipline.

Students may also make an appointment to discuss topics such as study skills, test taking, time management, textbook marking, and note taking; to make these kinds of appointments, please call the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching at 253.879.3395.

To make an appointment with someone from the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations or for questions about the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations, please send an email message to, visit Howarth 105, or call 253.879.3399.

For other kinds of appointments, or if you're unsure what kind of appointment to make, please call 253.879.3395; we're happy to help.

Specific questions about writing appointments

Specific questions about subject tutoring appointments

How do I apply to work in the CWLT?
Working at the CWLT is more than just a job; it is a fantastic professional development opportunity. Anyone who's come to work with a tutor or writing advisor knows how useful that can be. But not everyone knows that studies of writing advisors and peer tutors around the country have shown that engaging in peer-to-peer learning not only helps peer tutors and writing advisors to hone their own academic abilities but also teaches valuable interpersonal skills. The application process itself is a professional growth opportunity that includes a written application and a panel interview for finalists. We hope to see your application to become a writing advisor or a tutor. For the 2016-17 academic year, applications are due February 12 for writing advisors and for subject tutors.

Everything at the CWLT seems fantastic. Can I afford it?
The CWLT is fantastic, and the services here are free to current students! Many services are also available to Puget Sound alumni and faculty/staff members.