Collins Memorial Library

2011 Serials Review


New Titles

Economists Voice ( Eco)
Gait and Posture (OT/PT)
Journal of Occupational Therapy Schools and Early Intervention (OT)
OT Practice (OT)

Cancelled or Ceased Titles (no access to NEW materials) (print and microfiche)

Art Calendar (Art)
Image (Art)
Chemtracts (Chem)
TV Guide (Comm)
Teaching Business & Economics (Eco)
Transnational Corporations (Eco)
CEA Critic (English)
London Review of Books (English)
Nineteenth Century Theatre and film (English)
University of California Berkeley Wellness (General)
Seed (Natural Science)
Technology and Disability (OT)
Clinics in Geriatric Medicine (OT)
Social Development (Psychology)


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