Collins Memorial Library

2010 Serials Review

2010 Periodicals Review


New Titles

Printmaking Today (Art)
Animal behaviour (Biology)
Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture (French)
Seventeenth-Century French Studies (French)
New Perspectives on the Eighteenth Century (French)
Dalhousie French Studies (French)
Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (Math)
Transactions on Mobile Computing (Math)
European Review of Social Psychology (Psychology)
Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy (PT)
Yomu Yomu (Asian Studies)

Cancelled or Ceased Titles (no access to NEW materials) (print and microfiche)

Artweek - ceased (Art)
Apeture (Art)
Crossroad- ceased (Asian Studies)
Physiological reviews (Biology)
Molecular Ecology (Biology)
Latin American business review (Business)
Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part A (Chemistry)
Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part B (Chemistry)
Journal of magnetic resonance (Chemistry)
Journal of fluorescence (Chemistry)
Organic & biomolecular chemistry (Chemistry)
Physical chemistry chemical physics (Chemistry)
Subcontinental - ceased (Csoc)
Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (CSOC)
Sociological inquiry (CSOC)
Futures (Economics)
Quarterly review of economics and finance (Economics)
Journal of child language (Education)
School arts (Education)
Young children (Education)
The Irish Review (Cork) (English)
Writers Chronicle (English)
Seattle review (English)
European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology (Exercise)
Yale review (General)
ITA journal (Music)
Jazz journal international (Music)
Musical opinion (Music)
Journal of gerontological nursing (OT/PT)
Stroke (OT/PT)
Orbis (P&G)
American Heart Journal (PT)
American journal of mental retardation : AJMR (PT)
Journal of palliative care (PT)
Astrophysical journal (Physics)
Journal of clinical child psychology (Psychology)
Personality and individual differences (Psychology)
Gallup poll briefing - ceased (Reference)
Israel exploration journal (Religion)
Methodist history (Religion)
Studies in religion (Religion)
Journal of interdisciplinary literary studies (Spanish)
Bungei Shunju (Asian Studies)
Geriatrics-ceased (OT)
American studies (History)
Eastern buddhist (Religion)
International studies in philosopy (Phiosophy)
Early childhood education (Education)
English Quarterly (Education)
Japan echo (Asian Studies)

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