Collins Memorial Library

2009 Serials Review


New Titles

Leadership Quarterly (Business)

Switching Formats

Archives of Microbiology (Biology)
Archives of Sexual Behavior (Psych)
Biology and Philosophy (Philosophy)
Clinical Orthopaedics And Related Research (OPT)
Comparative Drama (Theatre)
Contemporary Family Therapy (Psych)
Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry (CSoc)
Current Genetics (Biology)
Foundations of Physics (Physics)
Germanistik (German)
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Psych)
Journal of Autism And Developmental Disorders (OT)
Journal of Behavioral Medicine (Psych)
Journal of Cultural Economics (Economics)
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (Biology)
Journal of Family Violence (Psych)
Journal of Fluorescence (Chemistry)
Journal of General Internal Medicine (PT)
Journals of Gerontology - A & Journals of Gerontology - B (OPT)
Journal of Interntional Business Studies (BUS & LEA)
Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation (OT)
Journal of Neurology (PT)
Journal of Public Health Policy (OT)
Journal of The History Of Biology (STS)
Journal of Youth And Adolescence (Psych)
Mathematical Intelligencer (Math)
Microbial Ecology (Biology)
Molecular Biology and Evolution (Biology)
Nature (Biology)
Nature Cell Biology (Biology)
Nature Genetics (Biology)
New Theatre Quarterly (Theatre)
New York Review of Books (Lib)
Parliamentary Affairs (P&G)
Physical Review (A-Z microfiche) (Physics)
Polity (P&G)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Lib)
Protein Journal (Chemistry)
Publius (P&G)
Science (Lib)
Sex Roles - a Journal of Research (CSoc)
Society - Heidelberg (CSoc)
Sociological Quarterly (CSoc)
Studies in Musical Theatre (Music)
Women & Performance (Theatre)

Electronic Access Only (no direct subscription)

American Biology Teacher (Education)
American Theatre (Theatre)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Nature Science)
Chicago Tribune (General)
Child Psychiatry and Human Development (Psych)
Clearing House (Education)
Commentary (Lib)
Educational Forum (Education)
Educational Studies in Mathematics (Education)
Futurist (Lib)
Games and Economic Behavior (Econ)
Genetics (Biology)
Governing (P&G)
Guardian (General)
Human Rights (P&G)
Instructor (Education)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Econ)
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (Lib)
Journal of Educational Psychology (Education)
Journal of Experimental Education (Education)
Journal of International Affairs (P&G)
Journal of Policy History (P&G)
Latin American Research Review (P&G)
Los Angeles Times (General)
Maclean's (Lib)
Modern Drama (Theatre)
Monthly Review (P&G)
National Journal (P&G)
National Review (Lib)
NEA Today (Education)
PAJ : a Journal of Performance and Art (Theatre)
PC Magazing (Math)
Policy Studies Journal (P&G)
Problems of Post-communism (P&G)
Reading Horizons (Education)
Review of Policy Research (P&G)
The SAIS Review of International Affairs (P&G)
Social Politics (Gender)
TDR : Drama Review (Theatre)
Text and Performance Quarterly : TPQ (Theatre)
Theatre Journal (Theatre)
World Development (Econ)
Woman's Art Journal (Gender)

Cancelled or Ceased Titles (no access to NEW materials)

Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly : APAQ (Exercise)
EQ-Educause Quarterly
Journal of Child Language (Education)
Journal of Research in Science Teaching (Education)
Mayo Clinic Health Letter (Lib)
Media and Methods (Education)
Motor Control (Exercise)
New Leader (P&G)
No Child Left Behind Compliance Insider (Education)
Politics and Policy (P&G)
Quest (Exercise)
Resources for Feminist Research (Gender)
Sinister Wisdom (Gender)
Social Studies Review (Education)
Teaching and Teacher Education (Education)