Collins Memorial Library

Puget Sound History Collection

The University of Puget Sound Archives contains the records of permanent value to the institution since its founding in 1888. It also contains 38 manuscript collections which include personal papers, manuscripts, image collections and other materials on topics of local, regional, and Pacific Rim history.

Collection information is available in the Northwest Digital Archives, and in the Collins Library Catalog (perform an author search on University of Puget Sound Archives).

A growing number of the university’s historical photographs, documents, and publications are available through Collins Library’s Digital Collections, and Sound Ideas.


Record Groups and Subgroups

The institutional records held in the University Archives are organized by record group, subgroup and series, as described below. This updated and expanded arrangement scheme was incorporates collection information contained in An Inventory Guide to the University of Puget Sound Archives 1888-1982. A more detailed arrangement scheme is available from the Archivist. Appropriate departmental materials may be transferred to the University Archives. Please consult the Archives Transfer form.

RG 00

Board of Trustees

RG 01

Office of the President

01.01   1888-1942
01.02   1942-1973
01.03   1973-1992
01.04   1992-2003
01.05   2003-current

RG 02 

Office of the Dean/Academic Vice President

02.01   1931-1973
02.02   1973-1994
02.03   1997-2004
02.04   Associate Dean
02.05   Academic Advising
02.06   Academic Computing
02.07   Athletic Department
02.08   Biology
02.09   Commencement Bay Campus
02.10   Faculty
02.11   Faculty Senate
02.12   Graduate Study
02.13   Library
02.14   Museum of Natural History
02.15   Registrar
02.16   Institutional Research
02.17   Accreditation
02.18   Office of International Programs (Study Abroad) 
02.19   Summer Session
02.20   Brown and Haley Lecture Series
02.21   Dolliver Lecture Series
02.22   Daedalus Lecture Series
02.23   John B. Magee Lecture Series
02.24   Palmer Lecture Series
02.25   Susan Resnick Pierce Lecture Series
02.26   John D. Regester Faculty Lectureship
02.27   R. Franklin Thompson Lecture Series

RG 03 

Finance and Administration

03.01      Audit Reports
03.02      Architectural Drawings
03.03      Facilities (Physical Plant)
03.04      Staff Senate
03.05      Staff Recognition
03.06      Sexual Harassment
03.07      Security Services
03.08      Employee Handbooks
03.09      Telephone Directories
03.10      Publications
03.11      Trial Balance Ledgers

RG 04 

Office of Communications

04.01   Public Relations Office
04.02   Publicity Office
04.03   Calendars
04.04   Faculty Profiles
04.05   News Releases
04.06   Clippings
04.07   Newsletters
04.08   Brochures, Flyers, Promos, etc.
04.09   Discontinued Publications and Newsletters
04.10   Website
04.11   Centennial
04.12   Copper Print Blocks
04.13   John Blake Negatives
04.14   Photographs
04.15   Proof sheets, Negatives and Slides

RG 05

Dean of Students

05.01  Kilworth Chapel
05.02  Orientation
05.03  Matriculation
05.04  Publications
05.05  UPS Songs
05.06  Hui O Hawaii
05.07  Panhellenic
05.08  Amphyction 1910-1928
05.09  Kappa Sigma Theta
05.10  Theta Alpha Phi
05.11  Mu Sigma Delta
05.12  Phi Beta Kappa
05.13  Phi Kappa Phi
05.14  Kappa Phi
05.15  Philomathean Society
05.16  Pi Gamma Mu
05.17  Circle K
05.18  SPURS
05.19  YMCA
05.20  Spirituality, Service and Social Justice

RG 06

Associated Students of UPS (ASUPS/ASB)

06.01  ASB 1893-1972
06.02  Publications

RG 07


07.01  Alumni Association
07.02  Alumni Board and Committees, 1953-1986
07.03  Alumni Office
07.04  Alumni Directory
07.05  Alumni magazine (Alumnus and Arches)

RG 08

Office of Enrollment

08.01 Financial Aid Office
08.02 Office of Admission

RG 09

University Relations

09.01 Commencement

RG 10 

Academic Schools, Departments and Programs

Art Department
Business and Leadership, School of
Education, School of
English Department
Foreign Languages and Literature
Home Economics, Department of
Honors Program
Law, School of
Music, School of
Occupational Therapy, School of
Religion, Department of
Science, Technology and Society and Science in Context
Theatre Arts Department

RG 11

Chancellor's Office

11.01 Primary Source Materials for a UPS History

RG 12

Women’s League

RG 13


RG 14


Memorabilia and Artifacts

14.01 Scrapbook Collection

RG 15

Film and Video Collections