Collins Memorial Library

Library 118

Guidelines and Use Policy


The electronic library classroom, Lib 118, was specifically created and designed to meet the growing need for teaching space to accommodate library instruction sessions requiring the demonstration of, and hands-on experience with many electronic information systems. The library's online catalog and databases are available for simultaneous access by students and the instructor. Access to the Internet is also available.

The room is not intended to serve as an open computer lab during prime time. After 5pm, Monday through Friday, the room is open for general use. It is also open for general use on the weekends. Additional lab facilities are available in McIntyre, Thompson, and Howarth. Contact OIS for more information.  

Classroom Management

Management of the classroom is directed by library staff. Email the library at concerning policy questions.


Reservations for instruction and training are scheduled by sending an email to During prime time, reservations are limited to 48 hours in advance. There is no restriction during other times. Please notify the Library as soon as possible if there is a cancellation.

Hours and Times for Scheduling

A key component of the library's instructional program is the flexibility to schedule sessions when they are need and as they are requested, often will little advance notice. Therefore, librarians will be guaranteed use of the classroom during regular blocks of time known as prime time. Prime time is defined as the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Other individuals and groups are limited to booking the classroom 48 hours in advance during prime time.

Priorities for Scheduling During Prime Time

The classroom is used for instruction, which includes:  

  • library related instruction

  • academic courses requiring occasional use of an electronic classroom

  • staff and faculty training

First Priority in the use of the electronic classroom is given to:

  • course related instruction and workshops taught by librarians

Second Priority in the use of the electronic classroom is given to:

  • faculty, OIS staff, other teaching staff requiring hands-on access to electronic resources

Third Priority in the use of the electronic classroom is given to:

  • library staff and other staff

  • any group using the room for demonstrations only

The classroom is not available for:

  • groups or individuals that are not part of or hosted by the University

  • an entire course

Other Library Facilities With Technology Enhanced Rooms

Library 020 is equipped with a PC computer and LCD panel for computer demonstrations. Users are encouraged to reserve this room when hands-on instruction is not required. Contact OIS to make a reservation. There is also a lab for general computing in Library 034. Both rooms are located on the garden level and are open during library hours.


Library 118 Rules of Use

  • No food or drink may be taken into the classroom.

  • No software may be added to or removed from the computers without prior permission of the Library. A 72 hour advance notice (3 working days) is required for any nonstandard software or setup.

  • No one may alter, tamper, revise or otherwise change any hardware, furniture, or classroom equipment.

  • The classroom must be locked when not in use.

  • The classroom cannot be utilized during hours when the Library is not open to the public.

  • First time users may schedule a brief orientation session with a librarian or the Learning Commons staff.