Collins Memorial Library


Can I bring food, drink, and noise into the library?

Please review Collins Library Food, Drink & Noise Policy. Here's a summary:

    * Drinks must be in covered, spill proof containers.
    * No messy foods, hot prepared meals, or dining hall trays.
    * Use the designated Break Zone in the basement when possible located next to drink vending machine.
    * Be aware of other library users: keep your voice down and cell phones off.
    * Use designated recycle bins.
    * LEAVE NO TRACE of food or drink.

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Where can I ask about lost and found items?

Lost and found items can usually be retrieved at the Circulation Desk. Disks or CDs lost in the Learning Commons can be found at the Learning Commons desk.

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How do I reserve a room?

There are 2 conference rooms available for meetings: The McCormick Room (3rd floor: seats 25) or the Misner Room (main floor: seats 27).  To reserve these rooms contact Sarah Comstock at x3236 or email:  There is a presentation room (Rm 020) in the lower level that can be reserved through Technology Services at x8585.  

Visit the Puget Sound's Places and Spaces: Other venues page to see detailed descriptions and find email links to reserve a room in the library. Scroll down to view the library section.

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How can I reserve a library display showcase?

You can submit an online request by going to our library display reservation request form online.

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How do I log on to the computers in the Learning Commons?

You need your network user ID and password to log on to these computers. If you don't have that information, go to the Technology Service Desk during business hours, or call x8585 at any time.

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Is there a fax machine available for student use in the library?

There is no fax machine available in the library; however, Mail Services in Wheelock basement does have one available.

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Does the library have a scanner available for student use?

There are two scanners located in the Learning Commons.

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Where can I plug in a laptop to connect to the Internet?

There are usable ports in all the study carrels, study rooms, and tables in the Reading Room. Wireless internet access is available on all levels except the 4th floor (this is in the process of being upgraded to cover this floor).

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Is there a color printer available for student use?

No. Copy Services (yellow house across the alley from Wheelock Student Center) can produce color prints and copies. Fees for color copies are $0.50 - $1.50 depending on number of copies, size and paper used. Contact Copy Services ( for more information.

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Where can I print a poster?

The library does not have any printers able to make oversized prints, but you can print posters in several locations. Copy services at Puget Sound can help with prints that are 11"x17", 13"x19", 11"x40", or 3 ft. x 100 ft. max. If you need other sizes, local businesses like Tacoma Reprographics (now ARC), Graphic Services or FedEx Kinkos can provide oversize printing.

Where can I view videos and DVDs?

DVDs can be viewed in the viewing stations at Technology Services on the lower level.

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How can I get articles on my Kindle?

Full text databases and electronic journals offer content in PDF and HTML. Simply follow your Kindle's instructions for the file type of your choice.

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Where can I find a map of the library?

Maps for the main floor, lower level, second, and third and fourth floors are available online, at the Circulation Desk and in all of the elevators. If you're looking for a book, use the maps to match the call number with the floor. For call numbers D-LZ, check out the second floor detail map.

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Where is the library instruction classroom?

The instruction classroom is in room 118, next to the Learning Commons on the main floor.

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Where is the accessible bathroom located?

The accessible bathroom is located on the main floor next to the Learning Commons.

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Where's a quiet place to study?

Most places are quiet, although there is less traffic on the second, third and fourth floors. See Group & Quiet Study.

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Where are the individual study rooms?

Group study rooms are located on the lower level, near the book stacks A – C, and in Library 124, on the main floor. Find individual study rooms on the main floor, near the men's restroom; and on the mezzanine.

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Where are water fountains located?

Water fountains are outside of the bathrooms located on the lower level near the copiers, on the main floor near the reference collection, on the second floor across from the display cases and on the third floor at the top of the stairs.

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Where can I make a call?

If you’re using a cell phone, and have received or made a call, you can talk in a study room or in the entryway outside the library’s main security gates.

If you need a phone, there are a few phones for student use.  Basement: next to women's room in the break zone, 3rd floor: outside McCormick Room, and 4th floor by the elevator.

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Where are the copiers?

There is a copier (coins required) on the main floor in the Media/DVD room.  Rates: 8 1/2 x 11 Black & White: 10 cents per copy, 11 x 17 Black & White: 20 cents per copy.   There is an additional copier in the basement for campus departments with an access code (staff use only).

To get change for the copiers, or for help using them, just ask at the Circulation Desk.

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Where are the current paper issues, periodicals and newspapers shelved?

Most current periodicals are shelved on the lower level in room 007 against the south wall.  Issues of browsing periodicals and newspapers of general interest are located on the main level in the west reading room.

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Where are the bound periodicals located?

Titles beginning A - American Geologist : Room 012
Titles American Harp - JAMA : Room 007
Titles James - Z : Room 006

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Where are the fiction books located?

Use the guide to finding fiction in the library.

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Where are university publications located?

Print university theses are located on the 3rd floor across from the McCormick Room.

All theses added after 2011 are electronic and can be found in Sound Ideas

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Where are audio and video materials located?

Videos, DVDs, and audio material on reserve are located behind the Circulation Desk. Videos, CDs and cases for DVDs available for check-out are located in the room adjacent to the Circulation Desk. To check out a DVD, just take the case to the Circulation Desk.

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I live off-campus. How do I access library databases?

When you try to access databases and other subscription resources from off-campus through the library web page, an authentication page should pop up for you to enter your university e-mail username and password. For more information, or to troubleshoot, check out our Off-Campus Access tips.

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Where can I find information on style guides for bibliographic sources?

The library has quick handouts online as PDFs and near the Learning Commons for MLA, APA 5th Edition, and Chicago styles (including humanities style, author-date, and a supplement for history papers). You can find more information and more styles on the Style Manuals page. For more involved questions, consult style manuals in the reference and reserve collection. Find them by searching SIMON, the library catalog.

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How can I get help with my research?

There are several ways to get help with your research.

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