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Images of the Past

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Photographs from the Archives and Special Collections

Last summer, we discovered several boxes full of glass negatives ( insert a photo of the box and a glass negative – I think you took one for an archives Powerpoint I did!) located in the storage area of the Slater Museum.  These images intrigued us as they offer a glimpse into a way of life that no longer exists.  Under the direction John Finney, in the Archives, we began to scan the images and have reproduced some of our favorites for your browsing pleasure.  We can’t help but wonder who are the women standing on the mountain top or amongst the driftwood in such magnificent hats?  Who are the three men sitting on a dock on the bay sipping what could be a hot drink surrounding by guns and wildfowl?  Or when did a circus come to town and how did anyone train an elephant to drink champagne?  The photos of the “loggers” are reproduced from a photo album of the Northwest Lumber Co. (circa 1900-1935).  (Insert a photo of the photo album).  Logging operations have changes a lot over the years.

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