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Featured Student Work

Toaster, Timer, and Clock Radio - Dylan Harvey

Artist’s Statement:
“What is valuable? Packaging creates an illusion of perpetuity and attempts to elicit an emotional response in the consumer. I incorporate the satisfaction of buying something new and full of potential, immediately with the degradation of the object’s value at the end of its useful life. I emphasize the fleeting moments of the object’s novelty by juxtaposing crushed common household items with pristine packaging.”

Comments from the Judges:
“The smashed appliances evoke an primal response…novel integration of domesticity and art…provides insights into how consumers respond to products when the packaging has changed…takes an object that has outlived its usefulness and repurposes it…raises questions about waste and overconsumption…explores the role of packaging in consumer behavior…the background digital print helps the viewer situate the object within its environment.”

About the Judges:

Hilary Robbeloth is a Metadata Librarian at Collins Library.
Jada Pelger 
is the Information Resources Coordinator at Collins Library.
Jamie Spaine 
is Administrative Coordinator at Collins Library.
Lori Ricigliano 
is the Associate Director for User Services at Collins Library.

This piece is located on the first floor in the Learning Commons

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