Collins Memorial Library

Artwork in the Library

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Main Floor

Butterfly Scroll
Abby Williams Hill Collection
Eagle Spirit Mask
Chasm of Time
Cobalt Blue Macchia Set With Red Lip Wrap
Seat of Knowledge
President Philip M. Phibbs and Gwen Phibbs Portrait
Within Reach
Dead Feminist Series
Holly Senn Tree
Tugboat Thea
Travel Brochure Posters

"Local Conditions" Series
Walt Whitman Print
Night and Fire Lithograph
Le Coq
Butterfly No. 2 and Small Flower
Study Carrels 133, 135, & 137
Images from the Past
Kenneth McGill Totem Pole Collection
Featured Student Work
Eco Mandala
Eco Whale

Second Floor

University Portraits
Edward H. Todd (bust)