Collins Memorial Library

Primo Search is Here!

Wonder where Collins Catalog, the Journal Locator and Puget Sound WorldCat went?  READ ALL ABOUT OUR NEW SYSTEM.

Nifty Beach Mini-Libraries!

There’s nothing quite like reading a good book while sunbathing on the beach. But there’s also nothing quite like forgetting to bring a book, or finishing one before you’re ready to leave.

Beaches around the world are resolving this little dilemma with temporary mini-libraries, stocked up with wide varieties of good reads. READ MORE...

Collins Unbound Blog

From the Archives: The Irrepressible Reverend Henry Brown

A quote from Dr. Henry Brown: “Indeed our common Christianity is in jeopardy from the universal prevalence and insidious attacks of the forces of evil resident in, and emanating from, the popular amusements of the day”

After spending the first half of my week with Dr. Brown, I have found Brown to be a surprising character with deeply held, but sometimes seemingly contradictory beliefs. READ MORE...

2014 Puget Sound Book Artists Exhibition

Opening Reception:  June 5th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.
This exhibit will be at Collins Memorial Library, featuring 57 handmade books by 39 artists from the Puget Sound area and beyond. READ MORE…