Collins Memorial Library

Coming Summer 2014: New Library Search

Big changes are in store for Collins Memorial Library! A new library system will debut in mid-June 2014. We are moving with our partner libraries in the Orbis Cascade Alliance from 37 stand-alone systems to one powerful, shared system.  Through a single search box on the library home page, you will be able to search across a much broader array of content from our collections, including journal articles, our local collections, along with regional and global resources. READ MORE...

Collins Unbound Blog

Start a Protest in Your Library

Micah is one of the founders of Occupy Wall Street and a former editor of Adbusters. His unpublished dissertation, Post-Search: Libraries, Search Engines and the Organization of Knowledge reflects his innovative thinking and challenges us all to consider some fundamental questions about the future of libraries. READ MORE...

Food for Fines! April 21 - May 11, 2014

This spring, Collins Memorial Library and Backpacks of Hope are co-sponsoring Food for Fines. Pay off your library fines with food instead of cash, April 21st – May 11th. Donate to a worthy cause AND clean up your library debt at the same time. Bring in 1 can of food and we will waive $1.00 of your library fines (for returned items). That’s right! $1 per can! No limit! READ MORE...

April is National Poetry Month: Hijab by Soraya Bodaghi


A thin black scarf
hides hair, nose and lips
my eyes must speak
a thousand words I cannot say.

Lessons: how to make khoresht,
clean lace curtains
in buckets of bleach.
My only education.

Stealing Bijan’s Qur’an
to study by flashlight.
I look for my lost words
in ancient pages.