Sustainability Pilot Grant Proposal Evaluation Criteria

  1. To what extent does the project advance the university's sustainability efforts and meet the priorities for improvement as may be outlined by the Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) under the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS)?

  2. How well-designed is the project as a pilot experiment with measurable results for assessment of wider adoption potential?

  3. To what extent is there an educational component to the project for applicants, participants, and/or the campus and wider community?

  4. How feasible is the project? Can the project and its tasks be reasonably completed in the timeline provided? Does the success of the project depend on collaboration with other departments or external stakeholders? If so, has this partnership been established? Can the project be feasibly accomplished given the budget provided?

  5. Does the project address future longevity? How will the results of the project inform future sustainability decisions in priority areas for the SAC and wider university?