Live Green Challenge

The third annual Live Green Challenge month is scheduled for October 2010, and will include a variety of educational messages and programs designed to challenge the campus community to choose to live a little greener this year.

Turn Over a New LEAF!
The Sustainability Advisory Committee will host a series of lunchtime tables in the student center giving students an opportunity to sign a living green pledge for the year and post it on the "wall of knowledge" for all to see. Campus community members can choose from pre-printed live greener pledges like "I will live greener by using a shower timer and taking shorter showers" to "I will live greener by turning out the lights" OR can make up their own live greener pledge on blank live green "leaves."

For over a year, SAC has been hosting monthly sustainability films in Rausch Auditorium, and this month is no different. On October 13 we'll show Who Killed the Electric Car, a transportation-oriented film that provides a break from our food-related sustainability films scheduled for September and November. In addition, on several Fridays in October SAC will show Internet-sensation films, The Story of Stuff (and it's more recent films about bottled water, cosmetics, and cap and trade), in Marshall Hall during lunch.

Green Advocates
Watch for the new Green Advocates in residence halls to offer some programming during the month of October, as well. This pilot program offers peer-to-peer sustainability education in the residential community, and we look forward to seeing how this program runs this year!

If you're an upperclassman, you may remember the first year we hosted the Live Green Challenge, including an interesting event called Garbology. Well, this year Garbology makes it's return! On October 25-27, students from the Facilities Services recycling team and Students for a Sustainable Campus will partner to publicly sort through 18 bags of trash collected from residential and academic buildings the previous weekend. What are they looking for? How much of that trash could have been recycled.

Fair Trade Month
While we're celebrating Live Green Challenge month, October is also Fair Trade Month, and our partners in Diversions Cafe are offering some additional discounts.