What can you do to help us be a more sustainable campus?


Sustainability at Puget Sound

Sustainability Objectives

There are many groups, organizations, and programs on campus that are dedicated to making our campus more sustainable. These include student-based organizations, different departments, and cross-department sustainability programming. In recent years, efforts have been made to increase campus recycling, decrease waste output, and make energy use, resource use, construction, and transportation more sustainable. 

Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee (SAC) is a coalition of students, faculty, and staff committed to increasing sustainable behaviors on campus and fostering individual responsibility for living sustainably. It is made up of five subcommittees that measure Puget Sound's sustainability in the fields of climate, consumption, curriculum, and outreach.

SAC welcomes applications for pilot projects that will advance the university's sustainability efforts and improve the university's rating under the Sustainability Tracking and Rating System (STARS). A pilot project is a well-designed experiment on a small scale with measurable outcomes that enables evaluation regarding wider institutional adoption after the conclusion of the grant.

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services is a branch of Facilities Services that maintains the recycling services on campus. They are available to help campus members and groups divert waste and manage reduced-waste events. Please contact Sustainability Services with any questions or comments at or 253.879.1560.

Green Advocates

Started through a sustainability pilot grant in 2010-11, the Green Advocates are now part of the Resident Hall Association (RHA) and Resident Student Association (RSA) organizations and provide a student-run sustainability education program.

Environmental Campus Outreach

Environmental Campus Outreach Club (ECO) functions to channel campus voices regarding environmental concerns and to aid the university in its pursuit of sustainability.

Sustainability Highlights

The university and the groups within it dedicated to sustainability have worked hard to make sustainable action easier and more accessible at individual and university-wide levels. Some of the campus-wide programs include the recycling program, Loggers Commute, STARS, and Loggers Live Green. The Top Ten Actions campaign is currently working to encourage sustainable behavioral changes. More information on these and other programs can be found in the Events & Initiatives section of this website.