Wheelock Student Center Renovation and Expansion

Thank you for your patience as we complete renovations to Wheelock Student Center this summer. Please see 2014 Summer Projects for detailed information.

Project Overview

In May 2014, University of Puget Sound will complete a two-story, 18,000-sq.-ft. addition onto the southeast end of Wheelock Student Center and begin renovations to improve its kitchen, servery, and dining spaces during the summer months. In addition to expanded kitchen space on the first floor, the addition includes a second floor seating area for 200 and new dining staff offices. The existing servery will be completely remodeled and expanded, greatly enhancing the customer experience and improving traffic flow during busy meal times. The project also includes a passenger elevator and restrooms that will serve the entire building, as well as building-wide fire alarm and sprinkler system upgrades. 

Construction began in May 2013 and is planned to conclude before the beginning of the fall 2014 semester.

The addition on the east side of the student center, which will house the new kitchen on the lower level and an event space and 200 additional dining seats on the second floor, is scheduled for completion prior to the end of May 2014.

Over the summer the project will conclude with the expansion and remodeling of the current servery to enhance the guest experience and reduce congestion during busy meal times. In the fall the servery will have many new features, including an allergen-free station, two deli stations, an expanded Grab & Go section, Coke Freestyle fountain dispensers with more than 100 beverage choices, and numerous sustainable features. The completed renovation also will include new restrooms, a passenger elevator, and buildingwide fire alarm and sprinkler system upgrades.  

Progress So Far
As we make progress toward completing this renovation, several changes to the building can already be seen:

  • The east and west balconies in Marshall Hall have been removed to open up the space and bring in additional light.
  • One of the stairways to the upper level has been removed (the other will be removed this summer) and will be replaced with new stairs closer to the new dining space on the upper level.
  • With some reconfiguration, including the temporary removal of booths on the upper level, we are able to maintain the same number of dining seats in Marshall Hall through construction this semester.
  • Restrooms on the lower level have been remodeled.

Busy Dining Periods
During weekday peak dining lunch periods (approximately noon to 1:15 p.m.), The Diner servery and Marshall Hall seating areas will be heavily utilized. Please consider alternative lunchtime plans: 

  • Visit The Cellar for calzones, cheese sticks, buffalo wings, and toasted sub sandwiches, as well as whole pizzas or pizza by the slice.
  • Visit Oppenheimer Cafe or Diversions Cafe for traditional favorites, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, salads (e.g., craisin and blue cheese or Greek), wraps (e.g., turkey and sundried tomato or caprese), as well as snack packs with veggies and hummus. Diversions Cafe will serve expanded menu items Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m., throughout summer 2014.
  • If your schedule allows, visit The Diner for an earlier lunch (before 11:45 a.m.) or a later lunch (after 1:15 p.m.).

Spring semester involves many catered events and Dining and Conference Services staff members will be making preparations in a temporarily small kitchen. Please assist us by planning and ordering catered events well in advance.

Building Accessibility
Please note that all areas of Wheelock (including the bookstore, Diversions, The Cellar, the main dining area, and Rotunda) will remain open throughout construction, although there will be intermittent closures of some spaces and entrances.

The Wheelock parking lot will have reduced capacity until the project is completed, as it will be used for temporary operations and staging during construction. Disabled and Zipcar parking will be available throughout the project. To help reduce congestion in the Wheelock lot during construction, please consider parking in the lot at Alder and N. 18th or another campus lot, or employ alternative commuting methods.