The Puget Sound Alumni Fund

The Puget Sound Alumni Fund affords bright, talented men and women the opportunity to receive an education of the highest quality in the liberal arts and sciences. Without the support of thousands of alumni, an education at the University of Puget Sound would not be possible for many deserving students.

The Alumni Fund is the backbone of fiscal health for the university, providing support for the university's greatest needs and the never-ending need for increased financial aid.

Thanks to the participation of 5,008 alumni who supported the Alumni Fund, the University of Puget Sound received $1,485,508 in fiscal year 2013-14.

Financial Aid

Through the Puget Sound Alumni Fund, Parents Fund, Friends Fund, financial aid endowment, and other resources, the university is able to meet the full financial need of only 52% of the students who have need. Each student with unmet need must make up an average of $5,121 per year through off-campus jobs and borrowing. Your gift to the Alumni Fund provides financial aid resources for the deserving students who have earned a Puget Sound education but do not have the resources to afford one.

The University's Highest Priorities

Besides financial aid, the Alumni Fund provides necessary funds to enable the university to respond quickly to opportunities that enrich the Puget Sound experience:

  • Faculty Excellence
    Great teaching has been a tradition at Puget Sound since our earliest days. Committed to educating the next generation of leaders, academic programs of the highest quality are taught in a supportive environment with small class sizes. A student-to-professor ratio of 12 to 1 gives young minds and spirits the opportunity to learn to think critically and make informed decisions. Puget Sound Alumni Fund support enables the university to retain top-notch faculty to match the talents of our students.
  • Technology
    In an ever-changing world, the university is committed to providing vital technological upgrades and resources.
  • Collins Memorial Library
    Puget Sound Alumni Fund support enables the newly renovated Collins Memorial Library to provide for new collections and sophisticated media and technology.
  • Undergraduate Research
    The University of Puget Sound offers undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in concentrated research, with personal guidance from a faculty member that is usually offered only at the graduate level at other universities.

Your support makes a powerful difference! Please make your gift to the Alumni Fund today.