Active Faculty Research Grants

Bernard Bates, Physics
National Aeronautical And Space Administration: Goodard Space Flight Center
Washington Space Grant Consortium: University of Puget Sound NASA Space Grant Scholarships and Student Research

Peter Greenfield, English
National Endowment For The Humanities: Division of Research Programs
Records of Early English Drama: Editorial Support

David Lewis, Economics
National Science Foundation: Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences
Collaborative Research: Integrated Dynamic Modeling of Ecosystem Services

David Lewis, Economics
National Aeronautical And Space Administration: Goodard Space Flight Center
Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Temperate Forests of European Russia: The Past, the Current and the Future

David Lewis, Economics
United States Department Of Agriculture: U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station
A National-Scale Spatial Econometric Model of Land-Use Change

David Lewis, Economics
Department Of Commerce: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
An Economic Spatial-Dynamic Model of Great Lakes Coastal Development

Andreas Madlung, Biology
National Science Foundation: Division of Integrative Organismal Systems
Functional Genomics of Plant Polyploids

Leslie Saucedo, Biology
National Institutes Of Health: National Cancer Institute
Delineating the Function of PRL-1 in Drosophila

Peter Wimberger, Biology & Environmental Studies
Institute Of Museum And Library Services
Slater Museum of Natural History: Developing Exhibits and Educational Resources for the South Puget Sound Region