Recording Equipment

To reserve equipment, please contact Media Services at 253.879.3963,, or by visiting the Tech Center in Collins Library 018.

Digital Video Camcorders

CamcorderFlip Camcorder

We have digital camcorders and tripods available for use. 

Digital camcorders record up to 5 hours on memory cards provided with the camera.
We have two types of digital camcorders available for checkout, the Canon ZR200 and Flip Video Ultra HD.

Digital Still Cameras





The two types of 16 megapixel digital cameras we have are the Sony Cybershot and the Canon Powershot. Both save pictures to memory cards that are provided upon checkout. Each digital camera includes a battery, charger, USB cable, manual, and carrying case.

Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Voice RecorderDigital Voice Recorder


Our Olympus digital voice recorders save audio in either MP3 or WMV format. Once you finish recording, you can plug the device directly into your computer and download your audio file. These recorders are very simple to use. Just let us know which format you prefer!


Wireless MicrophoneSoundGrabber

Wireless Microphone for Digital Camcorder
This mono lapel microphone is for use with a digital camcorder (excluding Flip cameras).

Sound Grabber
This microphone is for use with computers, tabletop cassette recorders, etc.


TripodTabletop Tripod

We have a standard tripod with fluid head and a mini tabletop tripod.


Card reader

Card Reader

We have a multi-card reader to assist with accessing files from camcorders and digital still cameras.