Equipment Loan Policies

Media Services Checkout

To reserve equipment, please contact Media Services at 253.879.3963,, or by visiting the Tech Center in Collins Library 018.

Checkout Period

Our normal checkout period is one (1) day for students and three (3) days for faculty and staff. Check-out periods may be extended for special circumstances.


Items may be renewed once, as long as they are not booked for another patron. Patrons may renew items over the phone.

Student Late Fees

Heavily-used equipment will generate fines of $1 per day to ensure prompt return so other patrons are not inconvenienced. Late return of lesser-used equipment will incur a $0.50 per day fine.

Patron Responsibility for Items

If one patron checks out an item, even though they pass the item on to another patron for use, the first patron is responsible for its return to the Media Services Desk. An alternative is to have the second patron come in (so we can verify ID), let us know they are taking possession of the equipment, and set a new due date. That way, we can check if the item is booked for anyone else during that period and, if not, transfer responsibility for its return to the second patron’s name.