Password Management

Protect Your Password!
Always protect your Puget Sound username and password so no one else can use it to access your information or jeopardize the university’s resources.

Remember, Technology Services will NEVER ask you to provide your password by email!
Video: How to Reset Your Password

Password Policy

Puget Sound passwords must

  • be 8 to 30 characters in length
  • begin with an upper or lower case letter
  • include at least one number
  • contain characters from two of the following: symbol (!#%:-), upper case letter (A-Z), lower case letter (a-z)
  • not contain your username, first, middle, or last name, the @ sign, a space, a quotation (") or apostrophe mark (')
  • be different than your past three Puget Sound passwords.

Passwords are valid for 8 months. You will be notified 14 days before your password expires when you are signed in to Webmail or a university Windows computer.

Change Puget Sound Password

You can change your Puget Sound password in myPugetSound by following the instructions below. Changing your password in myPugetSound will change it for all applications using the Puget Sound Login. Allow three minutes after changing your password for this synchronization to take effect.

  1. Go to
  2. Login to myPugetSound using your current password.
  3. From the Actions List , click Password and Security.
  4. Enter your current password and click Next.
  5. In the Password section, click Change Password
  6. Create a new password meeting the password requirements and enter it twice.
  7.  Click Change.
  8. If you are using a university-owned Windows computer on campus, please log off the computer immediately after changing your password, and then log back in using your new password.
  9. If you are using a university-owned Windows computer off campus, please connect to the VPN, lock the computer (Windows key and letter L key), and log back in with your new password.
  10. If you have your Puget Sound email account added to a smartphone, tablet, or a personal computer, please make sure to update the password there immediately after changing your password.

Forgotten Password

If you've forgotten your Puget Sound password, go to myPugetSound and click Forgot Password. 

You will be prompted to confirm your identify before you are able to reset your password, including entering your personal email address and answering your security questions.

Updating Security Questions and Personal Email Address

To update your personal email address in myPugetSound:

  1. From the Actions List , click Password and Security.
  2. Click Update Personal Email Address.
  3. Click on the Personal email address listed.
  4. Type in the correct personal email address in the Email field then click Save.

To update your security questions and answers:

  1. From the Actions List , click Password and Security.
  2. Click Update Security Questions.
  3. To remove a security question, click the minus (-) sign.
  4. To add a security question, click the plus (+) sign.
  5. Please note that you will need to enter the answer in all fields before you can click Save.

Security Guidelines

Secure your password by

  • making it significantly different than previous passwords
  • using a different password than those used for other services (such as personal email, online banking, subscription services, etc.)
  • not including easily obtainable information (such as your name, address, phone number, birth date, family member or pet name, license plate number, etc.)
  • never sharing your password.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or