Mapping a Network Drive

Puget Sound faculty, staff, and students are assigned individual network shares. Additionally, departments and other groups have network shares that authorized users may access. 

By mapping a network drive on your personal computer, you can access files saved to a share whether on campus or off campus (the latter using the VPN client or vDesk).

For assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or

Windows Instructions

  1. Under the Start menu, select Computer or My Computer.
  2. Select Map network drive. In Windows XP, you will find this under the Tools menu.

  3. Choose a drive letter from the drop-down menu. The actual letter is unimportant, but it is helpful to choose the same letter every time.
  4. In the Folder field, enter the address of the drive you’d like to map. For faculty, use \\FacultyFiles\username to map your drive.  For a staff share, use \\StaffFiles\username to map your drive.  For students, use \\StudentFiles\username.  
    For other shares, it would be StaffFiles\sharename or FacultyFiles\sharename. 
  5. Check Reconnect at logon if you’d like the drive to map automatically and click Finish.

Mac Instructions

  1. Open the Finder and in the menu bar, select Go > Connect to Server...

  2. Enter the connection protocol, server name, and share name. For a personal share, it would be either smb:// or smb:// or smb:// For other shares, instead of the username include the sharename at the end. For example it would be smb:// or smb://  
  3. Because this connection is cleared on reboot, it is a good idea to add the drive to your favorite servers. Do this by clicking the + button next to the Server Address field.

     4. Click Connect and enter your Puget Sound username and password when prompted.

     5. The mapped drive should open immediately. You can also find it under the Shared tab in the sidebar of the Finder.

For assistance, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585 or

Looking for Alexandria or Merlin2?

Puget Sound's network file shares have new names!

For faculty, alexandria = FacultyFiles                             (So use \\FacultyFiles\username to map your drive)


For staff, merlin2 = StaffFiles                                           (So use \\StaffFiles\usename to map your drive)


For students, alexandria = StudentFiles                          (So use \\StudentFiles\username to map your drive)


Please note that the names "alexandria" and "merlin2" will still work.