We support over 100 classrooms, instructional spaces, and meeting rooms on campus. All e-classrooms have data projectors; some have built-in podiums/computers and some connections on the wall allowing you to connect a laptop. Many have VHS/DVD, sound systems, or other equipment. 

Printing from a laptop or other mobile device to any lab or classroom printer is now possible only by using vDesk (virtual Desktop).  Once in vDesk, printers which are near your physical location will automatically appear as options in the usual printer list for the software you are using.

E-Classrooms Listed by Building

The links below will take you to a list of classrooms in each building, along with the technology available in each room.

Help Now for Classroom Emergencies

If you are in class and need help, please call the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585. We will dispatch someone to assist you right away.

If you notice any malfunctioning equipment at any time, even if you are not using it, contact the Service Desk noting your request is not an emergency. Please include the room number and building where the equipment is located.

Instructional Training and Purchasing Consultation

If you are interested in learning how to use the equipment in an e-classroom and would like a personal walk-through, contact Media Services at 253.879.3963 or media@pugetsound.edu.

If you are purchasing classroom equipment for other spaces, we are happy to consult with you on recommended brands and vendors.