Sprint Schedule

What is a Sprint?

In Scrum, an agile methodology of software development, a sprint is a set period of time during which specific work takes place. A sprint begins with a planning meeting, where tasks and goals for the sprint are identified. At the end of the sprint, the team meets to review the success of the sprint and identify lessons for the next sprint.

Current Sprint Details

The current sprint runs from July 28 to September 5, 2014. See the 2014 Sprint Schedule.

Project Name Brief Description Owner Status
Transition PS for system of record for bio-demo data Currently, Cascade is them system of record for student/applicant bio-demo data, and this data is loaded daily to PS. When we transition to having PS be the system of record, then this data might need to be loaded back to Cascade, self-service turned on, loads to external systems updated (Millennium, BOSS), affiliations set up, address validation installed. Registrar Development
Implement Address Validation in PS Implement Runner Technologies live address correction functionality. This is required to support Admission. Admission  Development
NCAA Division III Financial Aid Report NCAA Division III Financial Aid Report Financial Aid  Development
Assistance with FISAP Reporting Assistance with FISAP reporting Student Financials  Development
Unit Record Unit Record Financial Aid  Development
Campus Bundle #34 Implement Campus Solutions bundle #34 Enterprise Applications  Development
Set up Affiliations Determine what affiliations we want in PS, what the hierarchy is, and write the code to implement batch affiliations. Registrar  Development
Person Information This project will replace functionality that we had in Cascade with a tool called Person Information. Registrar  Development
Student Alert Tool (SAG)

All faculty and staff able to submit alert for any student for a variety of concerns, with automatic notification to SAG members and students' advisors of submission of alerts; attach alert to students' record.


*This project has been divided into two phases for the purpose of segmenting analysis and design. The development of Phases 1 and 2 will be back-to-back, as the goal is to have the entire project ready for go-live at the beginning of Fall 2014. Phase 1: Enter Alerts, Email Notifications.

Phase 2: Manage, View, Edit Alerts

Dean of Students  Development
Graduation and commencement reports Commencement notification report, audit diploma name list for graduates, students who have applied for commencement, and commencement students by ethnicity. Registrar  Development
Emergency response data queries Queries were built in Cascade to extract and print student and course data that might be needed in an emergency. Maximize should allow us to constantly gather this data in a form that could be quickly exchanged or printed as necessary. Registrar  Development
Transcript fixes Remove extra white space from transcript. Registrar  Development
Automate the Authorize; Disburse; and Posting process Create job set that includes all 3 steps: Authorize; Disburse; and Post. This job set will be scheduled on a routine basis so all aid will post without SFS staff member having to process these steps. Student Financials  Development
Waitlist swap function improvement Providing a way for students to request a swap on a waitlisted class without losing their place in the waitlist. Registrar  Development
Post-grad interests conversion These interests are attached in program/plan stack as a student attribute. Registrar  Development
FERPA Configuration in PS Configure the FERPA data in PS, customize the delivered page to show additional configurations, and convert the data from Cascade. Registrar Development
Create Preferred Name in HR The HR system does not have an easy method for entering preferred name upon adding a person, as opposed to Campus which has a configuration that does this automatically. We need to default in a preferred name for people added via the HR system. Human Resources Development
TouchNet integration for Parent PLUS Loans TouchNet integration for Parent PLUS Loans Student Financials Development
Procurement Tools (Phase 2) Update the purchase order inquiry screen to include important information and fix some errors that have been there since it was released. Financials Development
Student Change Major Student self-service change of major, minor, advisor (SR01.12, SS01.16, AA01.05, AA01.04, SS01.17). Students need self-service ability to declare/change majors, minors, and advisors; will require ability to set case load number of each faculty advisor. Academic Advising Development
Review class search options Review class search options to ensure consistency. Academic Dean Development
Off campus state work study updates Update SWS file to include flag for previously submitted time. Career and Employment Services Development
Department Chairs page A page for Department Chairs and Administrative Assistants to view information about students with majors/minors in their department. Academic Dean Development
Athletic Participation tracking Registrar needs a table and reports for tracking athletic participation. Registrar Development
Electronic archiving of academic records Determine and implement a process or electronic storage of academic records. Registrar Analysis

2014 Sprint Schedule

For more information, please contact Deputy CIO Travis Nation at 253.879.2710 or tnation@pugetsound.edu.