Sprint Schedule

What is a Sprint?

In Scrum, an agile methodology of software development, a sprint is a set period of time during which specific work takes place. Tasks and goals for the sprint are identified in a planning meeting that precedes the sprint. At the end of the sprint, the team meets to review the success of the sprint and identify lessons for the next sprint. See the Sprint Breakdown for the general timeline of the work expected from both Technology Services and campus offices and individuals (i.e., "Clients") involved in each sprint.

Current Sprint Details

The current sprint runs from October 20 to December 5, 2014. See the Complete Sprint Schedule for links to past sprint details and the sprint calendar through November 2015. 

Project Name Brief Description Owner Status
Advising Notes Functionality for faculty advisors, peer advisors, and academic advising staff to enter notes regarding interactions with first-year students. Academic Advising Analysis
Pre-Advising Questionnaire A questionnaire for incoming first-year students that captures advising and seminar selection, majors/programs/areas of interest, etc. Academic Advising Analysis
Student Change Major Student self-service for change of major, minor, and advisor. Academic Advising Analysis and Design
Department Chairs View Majors/Minors A page for Department Chairs and Administrative Assistants to view information about students with majors/minors in their department. Academic Dean Development
Admission Implementation Implement PeopleSoft for Admission.  Admission Development
Business Intelligence Implementation Implement Oracle Business Intelligence to provide campus analytics. Admission Development
Programming Updates for Academic Rank Changes to the academic rank calculation required for implementation. Admission Development
Admission Status Update Based on TouchNet Deposits Process the deposit status in Admission based on payments made through TouchNet. Admission Development
Admitted Student Page Link to TouchNet Provide deposit link on the admitted student page to lead directly to the Deposits page within TouchNet. Admission Development
Flag Time Conflicts in State Work Study File Update the SWS file to include a flag for conflicts with previously submitted time. Career and Employment Services Development
Orientation for New Students Connect the tools that interact as part of orientation for new students. Dean of Students Analysis
Student Alert Tool Ability for faculty and staff to submit an alert for any student for a variety of concerns, with automatic notification to Student Alert Group members and students' advisor(s) upon submission of alerts. Dean of Students Development
HR 9.2 Upgrade Upgrade HR pillar from 9.1 to 9.2 to take advantage of features available in the most current version. Human Resources Development
Campus Bundle #35 Implement Campus Solutions Bundle #35. Multiple Departments Development
Person Information Version 1.1 Enhance Person Information page. Registrar Development
Housing Module Implementation Implement phase 2 of the housing module, which includes turning on self-service of meal plans. Residence Life Development
Financial Aid 2015-2016 Support Support for Financial Aid process for 2015-16. Student Financials Development
Terms and Conditions Requires students to accept terms and conditions before registration can occur. Student Financials Development
Social Security Number Verification Ensures all students verify their SSN per IRS regulations. Student Financials Development
Interface from PeopleSoft to Millennium Develop interface from PeopleSoft to Millennium. University Relations Development

Sprint Breakdown

  TS Responsibility Client Responsibility Current Sprint
Week 1 Development Respond to developer questions
Develop test plan
October 20 - 24, 2014
Week 2 Development Respond to developer questions
Review test plan, set up test data
October 27 - 31, 2014
Week 3 Development
Review client's test plan
Respond to developer questions
Finalize test plan, test data
November 3 - 7, 2014
Week 4 Provide testing support
Fix identified bugs 
End-to-end testing - Round 1
Document bugs in issue tracker
November 10 - 14, 2014
Week 5 Provide testing support
Fix identified bugs 
Prepare for deployment
End-to-end testing - Round 2
Proof of Testing due - WED 5 p.m.
Sign-off due - FRI 5 p.m.
November 17 - 25, 2014*
Week 6 Deploy to Production - TUE
Refresh Development - THUR
Refresh Test - FRI
Prepare for deployment
Review in Production
Communicate to users
December 1 - 5, 2014 

*Extends over more than one week due to campus holiday.

 Complete Sprint Schedule

For more information, please contact MK Smith at mksmith@pugetsound.edu.