Sprint Schedule

What is a Sprint?

In Scrum, an agile methodology of software development, a sprint is a set period of time during which specific work takes place. Tasks and goals for the sprint are identified in a planning meeting that precedes the sprint. At the end of the sprint, the team meets to review the success of the sprint and identify lessons for the next sprint. See the Sprint Breakdown for the general timeline of the work expected from both Technology Services and campus offices and individuals (i.e., "Clients") involved in each sprint.

Current Sprint Details

The current sprint (Sprint 21) runs from June 6, 2016 - July 15, 2016. See the Complete Sprint Schedule for links to past sprint details and the sprint calendar through July 2016. 

Project Name Brief Description Owner Status
AA Hub - Advisees Hub - Email to Advisees Allow advisors to send bulk emails to advisees Academic Advising Development
AA Hub - PA Access to My Advisee Hub Give Peer Advisors access to the My Advisee Hub Academic Advising Development
AA Hub - Advising Notes - Add to My Advising Hub Provide Dean's Office faculty members with easy access to Person Info Academic Advsing Analysis
AA Hub - Advisees Hub - Fix the Sorting and List of Advisees Determine how and why the MAH list differs from the Advising Center Academic Advising Development
International Program Move study abroad tools out of Cascade Academic Dean Analysis
Community Music Move Community Music out of Cascade Aademic Dean Analysis
Faculty Database and Management Integrated Faculty Information Management System  Academic Dean Analysis
ACRK Process Revamp Redesign ACRK process Admission Development
Update Photographs from Odyssey Allow updated photographs in Odyssey to update in PeopleSoft Business Services Development
3C Security Rework Analyze current 3C security needs before completing a re-configuration Campus Analysis
Financials 9.2 Upgrade Upgrade Financials pillar to 9.2 Finance Development
Faculty/Staff Directory Replace Cascade faculty/staff directory with a directory in PeopleSoft  Human Resources Analysis
SRBATCH Security Remove unnecessary access from SRBATCH account Registrar Development
Judicial Process Mapping Requirements for analysis gathering in determining long term product solution Student Affairs Analysis
Roompact Software Coordination Support the implementation of Roompact software Student Affairs Development
Orientation - Auto-scheduling Changes Auto-scheduling changes Student Affairs Development
Orientation - Printing Changes for Activity Roster Printing changes for Activity Roster Student Affairs Development
Orientation - Extend Time Limit on Self-service Extend time limit on self-service Student Affairs Development
Orientation - Liability Waiver Survey Liability waiver survey Student Affairs Development
Bike Index Link in Portal Add a link to the portal page on the yield website. This is to help with the registering bike information.  Student Affairs Development
Identity Management Continuing to design overall system architecture Technology Services Development
Upgrade SES Upgrade SES to latest version Technology Services Development
Portal Upgrade Upgrade to the latest version of portal Technology Services Development
"Preferred class Year" View Request Create a "Preferred Class Year" view in PeopleSoft University Relations  Development
Alumni Email Creation Automate the transition of pugetsound.edu accounts to alumni.pugetsound.edu University Relations Development

Sprint Breakdown


TS Responsibility Client Responsibility Current Sprint
Week 1 Development Respond to developer questions
Develop test plan
June 6 - 10
Week 2 Development Respond to developer questions
Review test plan, set up test data
June 13 - 17
Week 3 Development
Review client's test plan
Respond to developer questions
Finalize test plan, test data
Test plans due
June 20-24
Week 4 Provide testing support
Fix identified bugs 

End-to-end testing - Round 1
Document bugs in issue tracker
June 27 - July 1
Week 5 Provide testing support
Fix identified bugs 
Prepare for Deployment
End-to-end testing - Round 2
Proof of Testing due - WED 5 p.m.
Sign-off due FRI 5 p.m.

July 4 - 8
Week 6 Deploy to Production- TUE
Refresh Development- THUR
Refresh Test- FRI
Prepare for deployment
Review in production
Communicate to users
July 11 - 15


Complete Sprint Schedule

For more information, please contact the Technology Service Desk at 253.879.8585, or servicedesk@pugetsound.edu.