Visitor Parking Citation Appeal

Instructions to the Requestor

Please read this entire form before writing your statement. You should also be aware of the following restrictions and guidelines:

  1. Requests for waiver for cancellation of fines will not be considered for the following violations:
    1. Parked in a disabled persons' parking without a valid state permit
    2. Non-visitor parked in an area posted "Visitors Only" (i.e., Jones Circle).
    3. Blocking traffic, public access driveway or alleyway.
    4. Parking on lawn/landscaping.
    5. Parking in a non-parking area such as an alleyway, sidewalk, etc. (A car length and width space, bordered by white lines is considered a parking space).
    6. Parking in or blocking a marked (red or yellow curb) or posted restricted parking areas such as a fire lane or impound zone.
    7. Parking in the "No University Parking" zone.

    Note:  Impound zone violations (not to include fire lane violations) may be cancelled if the violation is connected with university business conducted by university staff/faculty (e.g. loading and unloading of materials. See parking regulations).

  2. Citations are not cancelled unless it can be proven that the citation was issued in error or as outlined in the note on impound zone violations above.
  3. Waiver of a fine does not constitute cancellation. A record of the citation will remain in the traffic file and will be considered in connection with any future requests unless the citation is cancelled.
  4. State the circumstances surrounding the violation clearly and concisely. Please adhere to the facts surrounding the violation.

Note: Number of years employed at the university, lack of available parking spaces, other violators not cited, etc. are not grounds on which to base your request and will not be considered when making a decision on your appeal. Appeals must be completed and turned in, during normal business hours, within 7 days of the date of the citation.

Security Services Parking Citation Appeal

Security Services Parking Citation Appeal

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