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Fiscal Year End Checklist and FAQs
Included in the checklists referenced below are special procedures and key due dates for closing the 2013-14 budget year that ends June 30, 2014. Please be sure to complete the steps on the checklist that pertains to you by the dates indicated.

If any of the following is true, go to your checklist.

If your area produces revenue and deposits money regularly, or…

If your area processes recharges for goods or services provided by your area, or…

If your area has an inventory that is counted as part of the year-end process…

If none of the above applies to your area, go to your checklist.

Review our Fiscal Year-End Reference Guide that provides detail about specific year-end processes, impacts, and schedules.  

If you are uncertain which checklist to choose or have questions about these documents, please contact the Office of Finance at finance@pugetsound.edu.

If you are looking for specific information relating to Office of Finance, please feel free to explore the rest of our web site or visit our Service Directory page for assistance.