Procurement Services

Procurement Services offers departments support in the cost-effective acquisition of goods and services.  Cost-effective means high-quality product and vendor support at reasonable prices.  Services provided include:

  • Support in sourcing products to meet department specifications
  • Vendor management and dispute resolution, including returns, billing errors, and quality issues
  • Negotiating sole source vendor partnerships to provide departments across the campus with top-level vendor support at optimal prices
  • Oversight of buying group relationships to improve their value to the university
  • Disposal of surplus goods

Key Contracts

Office supplies, including toner for printers and faxes: Complete Office*

Water services, including cases of bottled water:  D. S. Waters


PO Terms & Conditions

University of Puget Sound PO Terms and Conditions


* For same-day service on selected office supply items, visit the Bookstore.