Resources for Budget Administrators

Tools and information to help budget managers administer their budget:

NEW BUDGET ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM (Fiscal Year 2012-13 and later):

OLD BUDGET ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM (Fiscal Year 2011-12 and earlier):

  • Cascade Budget Administration System
    Use this link to log in to Cascade to use Budget Administration to view historical budgets from fiscal year 2011-12 and earlier.
  • Budget Administration Web System Documentation
    This "How to Guide" provides guidance on using the key features of the Budget Administration Web system to review university budgets.
  • FOAPAL Search
    This look-up tool provides an easy way to search the Banner Chart of Accounts for a fund, organization, account, program, or activity code. This tool can be accessed from the Banner Tools menu item on your Cascade Menu or can be accessed from the top menu when you are in the Budget Administration system.
  • Budget Manager Resource Guide
    This resource guide provides information for budget managers about key budget related responsibilities such as establishing and spending budgets, coding budget transactions, reviewing budget status, special procedures at fiscal year end, and much more!