Office of Finance


We support the mission of the University of Puget Sound by striving to provide excellent financial services to all members of the university community.

Our actions reflect our values and enable us to consistently provide accurate, efficient, and timely financial services, in a courteous manner, to all of our constituents.

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Overview of Services
Office of Finance provides payment processing (accounts payable), accounting, budgeting, tax, analytical, and financial reporting services to the campus community.

Additionally, Office of Finance also works to strengthen the financial position of the university through strategic management of investment assets and debt capacity, development of cost-effective purchasing strategies, and collaboration with others to identify opportunities and find creative solutions while managing risk appropriate to Puget Sound's mission.

The services we provide include:

    • We maintain the university's accounting and budgeting systems and coordinate the posting of all accounting and budget entries, including those generated by other departments, such as recharges.
    • With the help of Technology Services (TS), we bring budget information to budget managers via the Budget Administration Web application.
    • We provide budget managers with detail budget worksheets and, with the help of TS, load the returned worksheets into the Banner Finance system.
    • We provide information, including accounting and budgeting assistance, to faculty and students with Puget Sound and externally funded research and enrichment grants.
    • We account for donor gifts and the university's endowment fund in support of the Office of University Relations' fundraising and stewardship efforts.
    • We coordinate the university's annual independent audit and prepare a variety of published financial reports.
    • We prepare and file federal, state, and local tax returns for the university, issue tax forms to individuals, and advise the campus on tax mitigation and compliance.
    • We provide procurement services for sourcing goods and services.
    • We provide procurement cards.
    • We provide management of banking relationships.

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